Top 10 Sydney Date Restaurants | 6: Jonah’s



69 Bynya Road

Whale Beach


New South Wales 2108


Good place to take a date:


Escape the city for a romantic getaway to Jonah’s. Situated just under an hour outside of Sydney, it’s a stunning retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life and a great chance to spend some time alone. Pick up your date, head out for a road trip along the coast, and surprise them with this gem of a location. Head there for a special lunch overlooking the ocean, or go all out for a simply luxurious weekend away with a stay in the hotel. You won’t know where to look with the overwhelming combination of extravagant food, panoramic views and of course your date! A real deal-clincher of the Sydney dating scene.


Good place to meet for a first date:


Unless you fancy yourself as the Leonardo di Caprio of the dating world, you might find Jonah’s a little too much for a first date. Besides, it would be hard to follow if you secured a second, don’t you think? Whilst Jonah’s has wonderful food in an excellent location, you might risk exhausting a lot of the conversation in the car on the way there and back. Meanwhile, don’t expect to meet the one at Jonah’s. Considering the vast majority of the clientele are happy couples whisking themselves away for a special occasion or romantic weekend, you’re more likely to come away with the blues than a new love interest.


Jonah's Sydney

Jonah’s Sydney


Average age:

Unless you’ve landed on your feet in a great job at a young age or have the advantage of the bank of Mum and Dad, don’t expect to come here until your late 20s. The premium location and even better food put Jonah’s out of the price range of Sydney dates for many younger couples. One for special occasion, you’ll want to dig out your Sunday best for a visit to this fantastic spot


Time of review:

Jonah’s is a popular weekend escape for city-slickers wanting a breather, so expect to find the tables full on Saturdays and Sundays. However if you do find yourself with a day off mid-week and fancy a spontaneous drive out, you’ll find a much calmer atmosphere and a much better chance of getting a table.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

Put it this way, you don’t come here on a tight budget. Jonah’s is the sort of place you come for those milestone birthdays, anniversaries… to really impress a lady perhaps? Unless you’re just blessed with a healthy bank balance, then make it a regular! But what you do get for the price is a money-can’t-buy view, five star food and a VIP service that will leave you feeling like a million dollars.


Type of cuisine:

If you think that your date is a good catch, then wait until you see the daily fish dishes on offer at Jonah’s. The menu is pretty extensive, with delicious breakfast options also available if you do decide to have an overnight stay. Perfectly presented in a colourful design on the plate, your food will look so good you won’t want to eat it. Well, you’ll at least want to take a photo.


Final word:

Jonah’s is a helplessly romantic getaway if you really want to treat that special someone. The sort of place where you whisk away your partner for an anniversary or to pop the question, keep this one up your sleeve for at least a few dates down the line! Don’t want to scare them off now, do we?

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