Top 10 Sydney Date Restaurants | 7: A Tavola

A Tavola


348 Victoria Street




Good place to take a date:


Long renowned to be a top choice for Sydney dating, you’d be forgiven for being predictable with a date at A Tavola. With the oh-so-friendly staff and outstandingly good food, you can rely on this restaurant to deliver for special evenings. Love goes into everything that is cooked here, from the homemade pasta to the freshly caught fish, so it’s no wonder that there’s a little lingering in the air, is it? We think it’s infectious. Whilst many diners choose to sit at the long marble table, retreat to the back of the room for a more private experience at one of the cosy couple’s tables. Sip Tuscany wine as you attempt to gracefully nosh on your pasta, and don’t be surprised if this restaurant becomes a regular fixture in your relationship!


Good place to meet for a first date:


Charm their socks off with the food of love at A Tavola. A sure-fire option for first dates in Sydney, it’s a relaxed and down-to-earth spot for getting to know your date. A simple format with a focus on flavour, here you can devote all of your attention to the person in front of you, whilst soaking up the busy happy atmosphere with some good old wine.  Sit at the long marble table for a more social dining experience, and you’ll be sure to never run out of conversation with the help of the other diners in the restaurant. Just so long as you aren’t banging elbows with some loudmouth… it tends to be luck of the draw. Yet to meet that special someone? You might well catch someone’s eye as you dine here with friends, seduced by the intimate authenticity of A Tavola.


A Tavola Sydney

A Tavola Sydney


Average age:

Whether you’re a fresh faced dater or a golden oldy, you can’t argue with simple, honest Italian cuisine. A Tavola is renowned for its authentic touch that draws in the hoards of diners day and night, so be sure to book ahead. Dress up or play it cool, it really is a very laid-back restaurant where you can shape your evening.


Time of review:

You’d struggle to find a seat here on a weekend if you don’t book ahead, but in fact A Tavola is pretty packed at all times. After all, Italian cuisine is a reliable people pleaser, and a top choice for Sydney dates. Whilst the atmosphere is intimate in this busy restaurant, look elsewhere if you want a more hushed ambience for your romance; loud and proud is what A Tavola is all about.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

Whilst A Tavola was set up to deliver authentic Italian food at reasonable prices, as the word has spread so too has the price range. Nevertheless, it gets the food and drink bang on every time, and nobody minds forking out for flavour, right?


Type of cuisine:

Pasta is the buzz word at A Tavola, but they don’t deal exclusively in carbs. Find freshly caught fish, moreish meat dishes, and vegetarian options too on their small but well-rounded menu. Compliment your dinner with a European wine, or a big delicious beer, and you’ll soon feel yourself floating into a happy little Italy with your date.


Final word:

Inject a little Italian passion into your love life with a visit to A Tavola. A trustworthy choice for Sydney dates, here you’ll be enchanted by good food and drink, and hopefully your date too!

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