Top 10 Sydney Date Restaurants | 8: The Victoria Room

The Victoria Room


Level 1, 235 Victoria Street


NSW 2010


Good place to take a date:


Have a decadent Sydney date as you recline in the plush surroundings of rich blue upholstery in The Victoria Room. Be dazzled by the exotic and classic cocktails that grace the drinks menu, and that’s before you even get to the food one. Sharing plates will draw you in closer if the sofas don’t, and you might accidentally-on-purpose brush hands as you go in for a bite-size bundle of flavour. High tea is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth, with cakes as light as air and tea that bursts on the tastebuds making it a top Sydney date idea for something a bit different.


Good place to meet for a first date:


The Victorian Room has set the tone perfectly for first dates in Sydney. Whilst it has all the elements of expensive taste and fine dining, the set-out of sofas and throws accompanied by cocktails and sharing dishes makes it cool as a cucumber for a more casual atmosphere. Pick at impressive dishes as you revel in the presence of each other’s delightful company; or people watch if time is struggling to pass by as quickly as you hoped… You might even meet someone new, as the quirky lay-out encourages socialising and networking; it’s a popular spot for social and even corporate wining and dining.


The Victoria Room Sydney

The Victoria Room Sydney



Average age:

Whilst The Victorian Room is for adults only, it caters for the antiquated taste as well as the modern trends of Sydney. Capturing the essence of the Victorian era in a way that is incredibly chic, this restaurant-cum-bar attracts customers young and old. Razzle dazzle em with a dashing outfit that will make you sparkle in this glamorous setting, perfect for Friday nights and special occasions.


Time of review:

Whether you fancy afternoon tea in a sophisticated setting or a Sunday lunch that you can really get your teeth into, The Victoria Room is onto a winner for eating and drinking throughout the week. Spend a glamorous evening sipping cocktails on your Sydney date or don your Sunday best for a delicious weekend lunch, you’ll always find something happening here.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

The Victoria Room is certainly the sort of place you go for a treat, unless you can live up to its glamorous lifestyle every weekend. High tea for two on weekends starts from $45 per person, whilst cocktails average around $20. Food-wise, it depends entirely upon what you order, but if you go for a starter, main and dessert it will certainly start totting up…


Type of cuisine:

The Victoria Room rolls a whole lot of lovely dishes into one difficult decision-making process for the diner: there’s just so many nice things to choose from. The up-side is that with a wealth of sharing dishes available, you can pick out a selection of various different tapas and spend the evening grazing and guzzling with your date.


Final word:

It would be hard to argue with a concoction of plush sofas, kick-ass cocktails and moreish sharing platters, don’t you think? If oldy-worldy elegance is your cup of tea, as well as sweet treats for weekend dates, then The Victorian Room might be just what you’re looking for as a Sydney date idea.

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