Top 10 Sydney Date Restaurants | 9: Baroque Bistro

Baroque Bistro


88 George Street



Good place to take a date:


By day the Baroque Pantry, serving casual French cuisine; by night, a restaurant, wine bar and patisserie serving indulgent innovations from ­­choux pastries to French onion soup. As such, Baroque is a versatile option for Sydney dating, harnessing the sumptuous varieties of French wining and dining to bring exquisite results for any occasion.  You needn’t take your date to Paris for a romantic experience, simply treat them to melt-in-the-mouth macaroons and European delights on an evening in Baroque. Service might be somewhat slow, casual and relaxed, but in the warm chrome interior of this period building you are sure to feel at home, as your senses are engulfed by the smells of the kitchen and buzz of happy diners. Not to mention the stunning views of Sydney harbour that warrant a notch on the price tag.


Baroque Bistro Sydney

Baroque Bistro Sydney


Good place to meet for a first date:


What makes Baroque great is that it doesn’t intimidate. Whilst the food might be divine and the décor quite classy, it dresses up and down for fine dining and more casual grazing. Test the waters on your Sydney date without scaring them off and go for brunch or cake to get to know one another. In the summer, the outdoor terrace overlooking the harbour forms an impressive backdrop to any rendezvous. You probably want to meet someone before you head here though; it’s not renowned for picking up dates, but when you’ve found the right person this is a great place to find out if they tick all the boxes. Why not whisk yourself away on a French or Macaroon masterclass to really impress that person who takes your ‘fancy’.


Average age:

French cuisine is a timeless art, so there really is no specific age group that Baroque caters to. Whether you are a sucker for a sweet treat or love rich, succulent dishes of a time gone by, you’ll find it all here.


Time of review:

Giving itself two fronts for day and night dining, Baroque has struck the right chord to get customers through its door round the clock. You won’t feel out of place heading here for a low key lunch date during the week, but equally Baroque brushes up well for special evenings on the weekend. Do something different and have a brunch date in Sydney, making the most of perfect poached eggs and gooey French toast.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

Just as the restaurant has a timeless, classic feel, so too the prices stay down-to-earth and reasonable. You won’t feel your eyeballs fall out of their sockets when you get the bill at Baroque, meaning you can treat your date and be the perfect gentleman (or woman!) without needing to go to doctors the next day. Try the three course set menu with a glass of wine for $48; can’t complain at that, can we!?


Type of cuisine:

From scrumptious starters to heavenly desserts, Baroque has aced French cuisine from all angles. Thankfully the dishes aren’t overly generous, ensuring you leave room to sample a starter, main and dessert during your visit. Just can’t quite squeeze that extra macaroon? Baroque offers desserts to take away, for guilt free Sydney dating… at least on the food front.


Final word:

European dining has an air of romance that has lingered from the Renaissance, so French restaurants will always be a strong choice for dating. Baroque offers delicious dishes around the clock, and a relaxed environment for special occasions and anxious first dates that make it suitable for any occasion.

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