Top 10 Yorkshire Restaurants for Dates | 2: The Box Tree, Ilkley

The Box Tree


35-37 Box Street

LS29 9DR


Good place to take a date:


You don’t have to go to the cities to find Michelin star dining. The Box Tree is a lavishly appealing place for a Yorkshire date if you want an experience to treasure. Ilkley is a bit of a haven for antique and gift shops, so it only seems fitting that its star attraction is garnished with oldy-worldy furniture and artwork that make it so atmospheric. Enjoy faultless silver service as you dine like a star with that special spark in your life in comfy chairs in the charming restaurant. You won’t be able to resist taking a few snaps of the food to remember the occasion, and you’ll hopefully clinch the deal with your date too!


Good place to meet for a first date:


If money is no object or you really need to pull out all of the stops for a show-stopping first date in Yorkshire, The Box Tree is the winning ticket. Michelin star quality with effortless ease, you won’t feel uncomfortable as you’re waited on hand and foot by the amicable staff. Find plenty of cause for conversation as you admire the antiques, the presentation of the food… and perhaps even each other. You’ll want a second date together just to marvel at the magnificence of the first!


The Box Tree

The Box Tree


Average age:

Budget is more of a determining factor than age for Yorkshire dates at The Box Tree, and if you want to make the most of the Michelin star experience then you don’t want to be scraping the barrel of a tight budget. This is definitely a spot for wearing your Sunday best, so make a real effort to sparkle as bright as the cutlery on a visit to this fancy restaurant.


Time of review:

Open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner and Friday to Sunday for lunch, The Box Tree is an incredibly romantic restaurant for an evening meal but can also be a highlight of the weekend if you want a sublime lunch date. Book ahead, because you’ll look like a royal fool if you walk in to a Michelin star restaurant without a reservation…


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

For the real Michelin experience, sample the Menu Gourmand that, with wine, costs just over £100 per head. A hefty price, but an unforgettable culinary treat if you can afford to shell out for something sensational. However if you want to see what fine dining is all about without breaking the bank, the 3 course daily menu is much more reasonable at £30 for lunch, £40 for dinner.


Type of cuisine:

Any restaurant that pairs its menu with a sommelier’s choice surely knows what they’re talking about. Advanced creations such as celeriac and truffle foam show that The Box Tree is cutting edge in the kitchen. However the overall feel of the menu isn’t showy, and irresistible options such as loin of lamb and strawberries with champagne bring the restaurant back down to earth for the average diner.


Final word:

Showing the world just what Yorkshire is capable of, The Box Tree makes a stunning spot for an Ilkley date. Be sure to wait until pay day, but when you visit you won’t be disappointed.

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