Top 10 Yorkshire Restaurants for Dates | 4: The Angel Inn, Hetton

The Angel Inn



Near Skipton

North Yorkshire

BD23 6LT


Good place to take a date:


If you want an exquisite spot for a Yorkshire date with that special someone, you can choose few better places than The Angel Inn at Hetton. Take a leisurely drive into the countryside and enjoy a brisk walk in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales before a hearty lunch in the Bar Brasserie, or whisk yourselves away to stay for the weekend and get spruced up for the restaurant. The Gourmet Tasting menu is a gastronomically brilliant journey for any food fanatics, and will give you a few hours to schmooze over exciting creations with plenty of wine to accompany it. Be treated like royalty with the faultless service of the staff and feel utterly fabulous by the time you’ve finished your meal.


Good place to meet for a first date:


A road trip is a great way to get to know someone, and the Yorkshire Dales is a terrific drive out on a sunny weekend in the summer. Surprise them with your style as you pull up outside the ivy-clad building that is The Angel Inn, but be prepared for a little shock at the prices too if you haven’t check the website out first. This isn’t just your average country pub that you stumble across on a Sunday, it’s an award winning spot in the heart of the Dales that serves fine dining in and even finer setting. If you don’t want to scare them off with an overly intimate dining experience on your Yorkshire first date, dine in the Bar Brasserie instead for a more homely and hearty setting that’s also far more affordable.


The Angel Inn

The Angel Inn


Average age:

You need a car and a healthy budget to begin with if you’re thinking of visiting The Angel Inn. And don’t even think about visiting if rolling hills and old pubs full of character don’t enchant you.  Nevertheless, people of all ages are coming around the delights of retreats such as this one, and if you appreciate natural beauty, then it won’t just be your date that impresses on a visit to this restaurant.


Time of review:

As most people have to earn their keep throughout the week, the older and richer generations keep The Angel Inn busy even during the off-peak times. However the place really comes to life on a weekend, as a fantastic escape to the countryside or way to round off a walk in the Dales. Visit on a Sunday for a sublime roast at a surprisingly reasonable price, and choose to eat in the Restaurant or the Brasserie depending on the occasion.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

The Angel Inn has a baffling array of options for a date in Yorkshire, whether you want the £55 gourmet menu in the restaurant, a set menu Sunday lunch in the Brasserie, or simply a few favourites from the a la carte menu for wider selections. Book your visit after pay day and go all out on your visit to this Dales gem. After all, it’s a special spot that deserves to be done properly. And surely your date is worth it anyway?


Type of cuisine:

You won’t be surprised to learn that the restaurant sources its ingredients both locally and seasonally. As such, the menu evolves and changes throughout the year, featuring the freshest food in season and new creations as they think them up. Delicate fish dishes are off-set by juicy games and meats that you can really get your teeth into. All of them are, of course, beautifully presented.


Final word:

What we love about The Angel Inn is its chameleon-like character that lends itself to almost any occasion. Whether you want good pub grub after a long walk across the Moors or fine dining in the stunning setting, you can mould the perfect date in Yorkshire to your individual circumstances.

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