Top Tips for a Romantic Getaway

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Once you’ve met the apple of your eye, it’s natural to want to spend more time in one another’s company. Apart from all the exciting dates you’re having, you may be thinking about one of the next steps: meeting friends, meeting family, or taking the plunge and getting away from it all, just the two of you.


Going away together can make or break a relationship. So to ensure that your romantic break goes to plan, we’ve got some top tips.


Location, location, location



Choosing where to go is one of the most exciting (and important) decisions when planning a getaway. It’s probably best not to go long-haul, as the logistics can take a little bit of the joi de vivre out of any holiday. By going for a weekend break, you’re keeping it short, sweet and exciting. This is a great opportunity to create lasting memories and a deeper bond with your new match, so avoid destinations you’ve been to with a previous partner. Instead, why not search for somewhere neither of you have been before?




Once you’ve pinned down a location, it’s time to get planning. You may be the ‘disorganised’ or ‘super-efficient’ one, but when you’re in the throes of romance, it doesn’t always matter – it’s about sharing. Sit down together, maybe over a meal, and plan it out. Are your passports up to date? Do either of you drive? Does one of you speak the local lingo? Now is the time to ask lots of questions. It may sound boring, but you’ll actually learn a lot about your partner.


Electrical Devices


Everyone likes to take a few thousand pics on holiday. But think twice before snapping and uploading every second of your trip. You don’t want massive roaming charges, and remember it’s supposed to be romantic! Leave the phone out of it, or agree on set ‘screen time’, and you’ll connect even more than you expected.


Stay Sensible


Have fun, but remember not to over-do it. Getting too drunk, especially abroad, can be disastrous. Arguments can happen, self-control wanes, or you may feel more amorous than usual and forget to take precautions (make sure you’ve double checked them before going away!). So think twice before throwing caution to the wind.


Express Yourself


Holidays are a great chance to see a new side of your partner – and show yours! That might mean new clothes or hair, ‘showing off’ with your reading material, or the chance to share your knowledge about your destination. But again, it boils down to communication. Make sure you’re roughly on the same page.


It’s not a competition, but let the other know what you plan to get out of the break, what you both want to do, and simply relax. A little bit of peacocking never hurt, but remember, you’re already together. You want to show the real you, not an exaggerated version of yourself.


Follow these tips to make your trip away with your new romance even more romantic. Yet to find your future travel partner? Start free online dating today to meet your perfect match!

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