Traditional vs Modern Dating: Striking the Balance

Modern dating

Dating is a complex game, and as the digital age transforms the landscape of the rules and logistics of how to play the dating scene, it can be hard to know where to position yourself. However it doesn’t need to be all or nothing when choosing between more traditional approaches and modern resources such as free internet dating. By striking a balance you can make it easy and fun to meet new people, whilst sticking to a few tried and trusted ways to get lucky in love.




What We Love


When people cry that romance and chivalry is dead, it doesn’t have to be so. Simple traditions such as going on a formal date rather than just ‘hooking up’, and following rules such as how many dates before taking it to the next stage, will fuel a budding relationship with excitement and anticipation.


So guys, don’t feel foolish buying flowers for that special someone, and girls be a lady not a quick win. Take it slow and create those special memories that you’ll look back on with nostalgia.

What We Hate


Everyone wants that fairytale story of how they met their future husband or wife, but in the fast-paced world that we live in today the chances of just stumbling across your soul mate are much more slim. If you’ve ever been out to bars on the pull you’ll know that you are either going to go home unsatisfied, or with a short-term (however steamy it may be!) solution to your search for the one.




What We Love


Online dating has revolutionised the way we meet new people. Connecting local singles and allowing people to get to know one another before they agree to meet, avoids those blind date scenarios that made dating so awkward in the past. Meanwhile, you’re likely to choose someone more because they match your personality, than because your eyes met briefly across a bar.


What We Hate


Just because online dating makes it easy to find singles in your area doesn’t mean that you should use it as a cue to become a casual pick up artist. Hook-up apps such as Tinder give internet dating a bad rep, when really there shouldn’t be a separate rule book for getting to know someone over the internet.


Casual dating is increasingly popular in the UK, but if you’re looking for something more than a fling then stick to the traditional rules. Use your online dating membership as a platform to meet new people and arrange fun dates where you get to know them properly offline.


The evolution of the dating world shouldn’t be seen as the death of romance and chivalry, or even the dawn of a new rulebook for the way we approach relationships. Timeless traditions and guidelines provide a framework to nurture a relationship with someone who really ticks the boxes, whilst online dating makes it easier to meet that person in the first place. So play by the rules and treat your date with respect both online and offline, and your quest for love will have a much better shot at success.



Photo Credit: Alexandra Moreau

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