Truth or Dare: Are White Lies OK When Online Dating?

Online Dating LIes

 They say that honesty is the best policy, and lies can soon get you in a tangle if you fabricate the truth too much. Being open and honest when dating not only ensures that your date gets to know the real you, but it prevents you from getting hurt when they find out the truth later down the line. However it’s no secret that almost everyone tells a few white lies on their online dating profile, so here’s FreeAndSingle’s thoughts on where to draw the line with white lies when internet dating.


Understanding White Lies


Ironically enough, white lies are a bit of a grey area when defining what they mean. By definition, they are harmless or trivial lies, so ones that would not have a big impact on a situation if they were revealed. For example, you might choose to spruce up your job title a little to look better online, or add a little artistic detail to your interests rather than saying you love a glass of wine and pigging out on a Friday night. These type of lies would be pretty inconsequential if your prospective partner realised them later down the line.


Exaggeration or omitting details is another variation of telling white lies that is common with online dating, such as knocking a few years off your age or defining yourself as slim and petite when you’re not quite so slim and petite anymore. But here it can be easy to go too far. Not revealing that you have children for example, can sometimes bite you in the butt. Getting this out in the open from the start by saying you’re a proud Mum or Dad can avoid disappointment if your date turns out not to like children. And saying that you’re 29 won’t wash when they meet you and see that you are clearly over 40.


Drawing the Line


Toeing the line between being completely honest and making your online dating profile attractive to the opposite sex can be difficult. Of course, you don’t want to stray too far from the truth or your first date will only reveal that you’re someone different to who they thought you were. However if you don’t want to throw the children card into the mix straight away, or your job, or any other details, then keeping it out of your profile and revealing it during your opening messages can be a good alternative. By this point, you’ll already have engaged their curiosity, so you can test the waters with the facts that will determine if they are right for you.


The beauty of internet dating is that you can be yourself and find likeminded people in your area in a fun and easy way. So think twice before telling a web of tales about yourself, as it might actually prevent you from finding the perfect match. A few white lies are perfectly fine, but embrace yourself and all your supposed imperfections and you’ll be surprised how many people will embrace them too.



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