No Consequence: Unfair Dating Expectations To Let Go Of

You just want to be treated like a prince/princess, don’t you? Do you really? What does that even mean? Although many of us have our personal barometers for what makes a winning date, there are just some expectations that are far too high, ruling out amazing, good-hearted people for the tiny injustice of not ticking every box.

Not to say that you’re definitely in this pernickety crowd – the vast majority of us are open to any possibilities with those we meet. Yet you might be a victim of these unfair dating expectations, which honestly shouldn’t matter much at all…

Holding a driving license

Look, we’re increasingly urban creatures, stuffed into trams and buses and cycle routes on the journey to our jobs, where we do important things in suits and loafers. Shouldn’t that be enough? For whatever reason, the fact that you don’t know your way around a gear box, or have no hope of describing what brake fluid is, is a huge turn off for some daters.

Not owning a car doesn’t mean you aren’t independent. Heck, if someone wants a spontaneous road trip, they have Uber to fall back on. If anything, public transport will probably make you spend more time together, fighting to ping the bus bell.


In an ideal world, we’d all have impeccable bonds with our parents, uncles and extended second-cousins. But not all of us do. That might not be a fault of your own – it’s just the way things are.

Partners who are obsessed with the pastoral image of your mum bringing out a steaming roast dinner for tea, perhaps surrounded by kooky clocks and a whole gallery of baby photos, should think twice about why that’s so crucial for a relationship. Plenty of great people exist without a large, doting family for support. They could be looking for someone to fill that hole, which is when dating can be transcendent.

Too tall or short

It’s baffling why “tall, dark and handsome” are able to be on par with each other. Those latter two words have no reference to the first; are short people uniformly unattractive and pale? No, they certainly aren’t. They might have to do more to be noticed, but that can result in a fiery personality, and giant heaps of charm to feed off.

Essentially, height is such a non-issue. It’s like ignoring someone because they have freckles, or don’t have freckles, or only have freckles on their arms that match yours. You can’t measure a good match in inches, or how far you might have to bend for a kiss. Chucking a perfectly delicious date on the basis of their verticality is just madness, pure and simple.

Phew – we’re glad we got that off our chests! Not to seem too forthright, but inclusivity is fixed into the FreeAndSingle agenda; we don’t want anyone to be left out of love’s limelight. Exiling petty prescriptions such as these lets a reasonable dating life flourish under no pretences or strict rules for what’s acceptable.

Letting go of unfair dating expectations is key to finding a partner who’ll keep surprising you. For free online dating, there’s no better site for a match made in e-heaven, so get on board and put your open-mindedness to the test…

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