Weekend Getaway Ideas for You and Your Date

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Romance is the perfect excuse to escape the daily grind for a weekend, to indulge the awesomeness of your partner to the fullest extent and cement the bond you share together. However, choosing where to take your date can be tricky – especially if they hand all the decisions to you. To make things a little easier, let’s run through the best weekend getaway ideas, to start that love pot sizzling for a few special days you’ll never forget…

The Beach

As long as you ignore the sand in your sandwiches, this is a winner. You can check out each other’s bodies as you dry off seawater in the sun. Throw yourselves off dunes, bury your partner up to their ears, and initiate some impromptu beach volleyball. Seaside food is generally delicious too, so you can compare the cut of your chips as a breeze slips over your held hands on the pier. Beaches bring out our playful side, ideal for couples looking to love and laze in sync.

Country Pub

There’s something about public house B&B’s that bring out the best or worst of a nascent romance. Maybe it’s the isolation, the classic drinking beacon backlight against miles of moorland; or it could be the high chance that you’ll mingle with other guests, devoid of the distraction of nightlife.

Whether or not you’re particularly ‘into’ the countryside, it’s hard to beat a day exploring with food and ale waiting for you by a hearth, a dart board, and the bearded smiles of local customers. An intimate pub stay can be a gentle predicator for how compatible you are in the long run.

Grassroots Festival

Sports, film, music, gastronomy… there’s no end to the amount of street festivals rearing their head every year where we least expect them. Take advantage of this by finding a weekend event that suits both of your tastes, ideally in a place you haven’t been before.

There’s no better way to view culture through a lens than absorbing the sights and sounds of a festival, which will throw up dozens of things to do, nudging both of you towards carelessly expressing your passion in public.


Modern life is hectic, and taking a breather in a place specifically built to exorcise stress can drown out the white noise in your relationship, letting the two of you connect to the barest bones of your personalities. Jacuzzi’s, cocktail bars and massage parlours are impeccable for detoxing nags and worries, letting you indulge a sense of freedom together. You’ll walk out with a refreshed take on your connection.

Travel soothes the soul, it is often said, and the occasional weekend break is vital for putting your relationship into focus. Even if your romantic life is full of spark and colour, we recommend taking off to a place where just you and they can experience one another beyond the pressures of work, family, and friends. These are only a few suggestions; we look forward to hearing what you come up with!

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