Written in the Stars: Do Horoscopes Matter in Dating?

Do Horoscopes Matter?

Everyone has a different stance when it comes to things like fate, superstition, and astrology. Some people are firm believers that everything happens for a reason, whilst the rest of us search in vain to find answers.


Whatever the case, we’ve all indulged our superstitious sides to some extent before. And if you’ve ever come across your horoscope in the back of a magazine, telling you of future fortune or romance on the horizon, you may be wondering if there’s any substance to it. Let’s take a look at whether horoscopes have any influence on your love life.


How are horoscopes linked to dating?


Astrology has long been used to provide insight into both current and future events. Horoscopes are made by analysing planets and stars, to foresee the impact of movements on different zodiac signs. Everyone has a zodiac sign, determined by your date of birth; people under each star sign supposedly have defining traits and characteristics. Astrology and horoscopes can be used to work out what star sign you align to most, and what direction your love life is due to take when the celestial bodies realign.


Are dating horoscopes true?


There’s no real evidence to back up claims made in horoscopes. Besides, as many predictions are vague and general, they could be true for almost any reader, meaning it’s best to take their advice and insights with a pinch of salt. However, if you’re a big believer in fate, they can be a source of hope and inspiration for singletons. Just don’t rule out the alternatives if your horoscope is saying one thing, but your heart and love life are going in another direction.


Do star signs matter?


You don’t necessarily have to believe in horoscopes to value the insights provided by your star sign. Many people find that zodiac signs are remarkably on point: Virgos (August 23-September 22) are typically confident, creative and outgoing, whereas Capricorns (December 22-January 19) are often ambitious, patient, and empathetic.


So if you’re looking for the perfect match, it can be a good starting point to work out what type of people you get on with. Do you prefer someone who’s pretty similar to you, or do you like your partners to be full of surprises and to give you a fresh outlook on life? Star signs can offer guidance on this, although don’t use it to narrow down your options when looking for ‘the one’ – there are always exceptions to the rule!


Setting your own destiny

One of the dangers of using horoscopes is that they can make singletons complacent in their quest to find love. While astrology offers exciting predictions, to make them come true you need to take the initiative. Don’t just sit there waiting for the perfect man or woman to come along – get on the dating scene and sign up to free dating. And if you’re looking for an icebreaker for that opening message, why not ask him or her what their star sign is?


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