Celebrity Dating: Couples To Keep An Eye On In August

Celebrity Couples to Keep an Eye on This August

Is it a love bird? Is it a Zayn? Well, it could be both of those things, but we’ll go right ahead and say that this month’s issue of celebrity dating news doesn’t feature any ex-boyband totty.

That’s because there’s so much more happening in celeb land, forcing our attention elsewhere. It’s been a month of reconciliation, rendezvous, and really big rings. Let’s get right down to it…

A swerve in the right direction

Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly a megastar by now: his Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff described him as “unbeatable” when he’s at his best, and that finally might be expressed outside of the race track, as rumours swirl around a potential relationship with Rita Ora.

She’s one of the most beautiful women in the UK, so if this is true, God bless a match that’ll hopefully never roar to a finish line. Hamilton was spotted leaving her home, clad in the previous night’s clothes, and the pair have been snapped eating together too. Let’s hope he doesn’t burn through her as fast as his F1 competition!

Carla in the afternoon

 Ahhh, Annie Clarke, a.k.a. St. Vincent, a.k.a. the awesome songstress/guitar player who writes lyrics about rattlesnakes and taking out the garbage naked. She’s always been deserving of someone as intriguing as herself, which is why her past year and a half with 23-year-old model Carla Delevingne has been so amazing and appropriate.

Although they’ve been quite hush-hush about it, Carla recently spilled some choice beans to The Daily Mail about what it’s like being one half of a style supernova. She’s apparently “more in love than ever” with Vincent, which has surfaced around the same time as a photo of Delevingne sporting a MASSIVE engagement ring. One to watch, these two…

Cowell acting cupid

For followers of our dating parish, the news hit hard that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s marriage was on the ropes. Bats circled the FreeAndSingle belfry in agitation as we held our breaths collectively: the best coupling since Marmite and butter couldn’t possibly split for good, could they?

Well, no, actually. Whilst filming the newest iteration of The X Factor, Sharon has reportedly been chatting to her hubby over the phone, an ocean away. They’ve since said recent developments were more of a bump in the road than a major catastrophe. And who has offered to take them out on a double date? Simon Cowell, the man in love with his own neckline. Maybe that’s the most terrifying thing about all of this.

Getting the mum vote

Meeting the parents is nerve wracking no matter how big of a name you are. A father’s withering glance can reduce the most hardened paparazzi dodgers to bits; luckily for our favourite likely lad, Brooklyn Beckham, he’s showing us how it’s done.

Chloe Grace Moretz’s mum, Teri, took Brooklyn and her daughter to the Democratic Convention in Pennsylvania, on the sidelines as Hilary Clinton promised great change. “So happy to share our American political system with my favourite Brit!” Teri tweeted. N’awww.

So that’s another wrap up of the hottest goings on this August. The stars are aligning – literally – for romance’s hold on our imagination. Launch yourself into free online dating to make yourself part of the trend for fantastic couples right now. There’s a whole world out there, after all…

Photo credit: Fitore Gashi

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