Dating Around The World: Why It’s Good That Dating’s Gone Global

Like the rest of you, we’ve been slack-jawed during much of the Olympics, embroiled firmly in the daily drama of the world’s top athletes going toe-to-toe on our screens. When ‘diversity’ sometimes feels like a concept more often discussed than seriously adopted, this spectacle manages to do what many politicians can’t get a handle on – knocking down barriers to age, race, and creed in praise of what unites us.

A bit like love, isn’t it? A true, dynamite projection of goodwill that can cross cultures and oceans. As you can see, we’ve been pondering how online dating has a touch of that Olympic glory about it, a little of that same excuse to bring people together…

Opening our eyes

See, the thing is, love doesn’t need a language to be understood. Someone can spend five minutes in another’s company without ever saying a word to them, and know pretty instantly that something special’s in the air.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re from the same country or not: a backpacking student can have just as much of a frisson with a Cambodian as two people stuck at either ends of an office party, making eyes at each other. The important factor is the mood, the magnetic attraction you can’t ignore, even when there’s no discernible reason for it.

Since the internet has made insulated lives a relic from another era, we’re more open than ever to what strangers might mean for us. It’s frankly impossible to function today without encountering people from another country. The Millennial generation is so accepting because we’re able to learn and interact with anyone, anywhere, about anything we want. We want unity, acceptance; we want to find the partner who is just right for us, no matter where they come from.

A welcome mix

Differences can be romantic enough in themselves. It’s the reason why travel is thought of as such a great aphrodisiac – simply going somewhere new, with a person in tow to explore or be enlightened by, reminds us that there’s more than our standard work/play/sleep routine to fulfil our desires. Paris, Luxemburg and Venice embrace their romantic stereotypes, but any location can be a catalyst for love, especially if it surprises us.

In the same way, we encourage any internet daters to reach out and connect with their overseas counterparts. Think of it like diving into an unknown city: you might be a little nervous, yet the rewards will be splendid if you find somewhere to fit in, and everything will taste and feel so much better than what you’re used to at home.

That’s our opinion, anyway, so you shouldn’t limit yourself, just like we can cheer at Chinese ping pong white-knuckled on an armchair. Having an open attitude to dating around the world will keep dating fun and full of intrigue. Get a FreeAndSingle account today, and start hunting for an exotic lover who can book a one-way ticket to happiness…

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