4 Signs It’s Not a Match Made in Heaven

Dating can be a long and drawn out process, especially when you’re spending time and money meeting up with strangers who may or may not tick the right boxes. That’s what makes free online dating so much more fun and simple. You can get chatting to countless singles online, and only arrange to meet up when you’re sure that the first date will be one to remember.


But before you get to that stage, how do you root out the good from the bad, and downright disastrous? Here are 4 signs you ought to jump ship before you agree to a date.


  1. Nothing in Common


Just because you’d give them a 10/10 for looks doesn’t mean he or she is destined to be your future soul mate. What makes online dating so popular is the fact that you find local singles who share your interests, values and personality in a few clicks. So don’t waste time trying to get to know someone better if your idea of a perfect Friday night is their idea of hell.


  1. One Track Mind


Flattering though it may be when someone thinks you’ve got a beautiful face or a smokin’ body, if the compliments just keep on coming be wary about their intentions. Sure, they could just be a really nice guy/girl, but the chances are they have a one-track mind if they don’t seem to want to speak about anything else.


  1. Struggling for Conversation


If you can’t keep an online conversation flowing at your own convenience, imagine how dull a first date will be when you’re confined to a table for two with no escape route? They may share the same interests and be just your ‘type’, but don’t force something that isn’t working from the start if you’re struggling to find things to talk about already. Save yourself a rather painful and expensive meal out and call it a night.


  1. Different Walks of Life

    You may both love walks on the beach, a glass of wine and animals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a match made in heaven. People from different backgrounds can get on like a house on fire, but often it can be hard to connect when you aren’t at similar stages of life. If you’re a high flyer with not enough hours in the day and they have kids and a family life, you may find it hard to make things work.


With so many fun-loving singles in our free online dating community, you may not find your perfect match at first. But if you take the initiative and get talking to singletons in your area that share similar interests, you’re bound to find someone you click with before long. Log on today and browse local singles with FreeAndSingle, to start your online dating journey.

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