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Those lovely people at DatingAdvice.com gave us a call the other day, to find out the story behind FreeAndSingle. The founders’ story, and what our mission is as a company: to help people find relationships in a safe, fun environment, and at the best value.

Read our story here. We hope you like it.

I have met someone from the site, we are getting on really well and he has met my family and I am going to meet his next week.

Dating can be a long and drawn out process, especially when you’re spending time and money meeting up with strangers who may or may not tick the right boxes. That’s what makes free online dating so much more fun and simple. You can get chatting to countless singles online, and only arrange to meet up when you’re sure that the first date will be one to remember.


But before you get to that stage, how do you root out the good from the bad, and downright disastrous? Here are 4 signs you ought to jump ship before you agree to a date.


  1. Nothing in Common


Just because you’d give them a 10/10 for looks doesn’t mean he or she is destined to be your future soul mate. What makes online dating so popular is the fact that you find local singles who share your interests, values and personality in a few clicks. So don’t waste time trying to get to know someone better if your idea of a perfect Friday night is their idea of hell.


  1. One Track Mind


Flattering though it may be when someone thinks you’ve got a beautiful face or a smokin’ body, if the compliments just keep on coming be wary about their intentions. Sure, they could just be a really nice guy/girl, but the chances are they have a one-track mind if they don’t seem to want to speak about anything else.


  1. Struggling for Conversation


If you can’t keep an online conversation flowing at your own convenience, imagine how dull a first date will be when you’re confined to a table for two with no escape route? They may share the same interests and be just your ‘type’, but don’t force something that isn’t working from the start if you’re struggling to find things to talk about already. Save yourself a rather painful and expensive meal out and call it a night.


  1. Different Walks of Life

    You may both love walks on the beach, a glass of wine and animals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a match made in heaven. People from different backgrounds can get on like a house on fire, but often it can be hard to connect when you aren’t at similar stages of life. If you’re a high flyer with not enough hours in the day and they have kids and a family life, you may find it hard to make things work.


With so many fun-loving singles in our free online dating community, you may not find your perfect match at first. But if you take the initiative and get talking to singletons in your area that share similar interests, you’re bound to find someone you click with before long. Log on today and browse local singles with FreeAndSingle, to start your online dating journey.

You were getting on so well at the start of the week – the tension was high, you had everything in common, and the conversation was flowing thick and fast. But suddenly, things have ground to a halt. Online dating can be hard at times, and until you’ve met someone in person it’s essential that you keep the enthusiasm strong for each other and establish regular contact.


But how do you find an excuse to keep talking when things are starting to fizzle out? We’ve got some expert online dating advice to help you revive that conversation.


Ask Open Questions

Not everyone feels comfortable talking about themselves freely and asking questions, so if you want to encourage him or her to keep chatting, make sure you’re wording your questions right. Instead of asking ‘do you like cooking?’ tailor it to ask what they like to cook and why, or what world foods they like. Likewise, don’t just offer yes and no answers when you are asked a question – elaborate and share your passions and you might just find you have a lot in common.


Change the Topic

If one of you has dropped a conversation killer that seems impossible to overcome, leave it a day or two and then act as though nothing ever happened. Spark up the conversation again by sharing a funny story about your day, or asking their opinion on something that’s happening in the news. If they’re still interested in getting to know you, they should be relieved that you’ve taken the initiative to get the ball rolling again.


Tell a White Lie

This one might not come naturally to everyone, but if you’ve had an awkward break in the conversation, try to revive it by apologising and saying you were busy. Perhaps you were making dinner or you’ve had a manic few days – you can then either resume the old conversation or strike up a new one. This only really works if the other person responded last, but it’s a popular way to iron out an awkward silence.


Don’t Force It

Not everyone is meant to be together, and whilst that sexy single may have seemed like the perfect match at first, it may be that you aren’t as well suited as you thought. Don’t try to force the matter if you’ve run out of things to talk about – they might have lost interest if you haven’t already. Instead, focus on chatting with people who have as much to talk about as you do!


When you’re eager to find someone special or set up a first date, there can be a lot of pressure to keep the conversation flowing. But if you act natural, keep the conversation dynamic, and understand that you won’t click with everyone, you’re sure to find someone who you can natter away into the night with.

Compliments are funny things, don’t you think? Deep down, everyone secretly craves admiration and attention, so when it comes our way, how come we feel embarrassed, uneasy, and even suspicious? The way in which we give compliments can have a huge influence on how they are taken by the opposite sex. So whilst it may seem like we’re teaching you to suck eggs, take a minute to read this guide to learn the best way to deliver a compliment that seems genuine, original and has the impact you desire.


Make It Unique


Sure, they may have an amazing body or gorgeous eyes, but what else do you like about them? The more original and individual the compliment, the more memorable it will sound. What made them stand out from every other person you saw on the online dating website?


Remember, compliments don’t just have to be about the physical attributes of a person – if you find them witty and love their sense of humour, tell them! The more specific, the bigger the impact, so take some time to think about your compliments before you go dishing them out.


Keep it Clean


You may be picturing her dress on your bedroom floor, but don’t lower the tone by turning a comment about how nice she looks into a sleazy chat up line. Keep it clean in the early stages if you don’t want to scare your date off – not everyone is in it for the action. Besides, if you bide your time they could be thinking just the same thing deep down, so a little patience could go a long way!


Physical compliments can also be tweaked to be more personal and less crude. For example, if he/she has an amazing figure, why not ask if they work out instead of simply commenting on their physique? Not only will this act as a conversation starter, it will also be much easier for them to accept than if you blurt out a remark about their great abs or ass.


Don’t Overdo It

The more you give compliments, the less value each one has. If you’re constantly gushing about a person, that first time you told them they had beautiful eyes or an amazing smile will lose its charm. If you want to be taken as genuine, keep your enthusiasm under control and wait for the perfect moment to deliver that winning compliment.


Giving compliments shows the opposite sex that you’re interested, and that you like them for who they really are. However think before you speak when handing out these valuable comments, and make sure you’re saying them for the right reasons, at the right time. If you do, you’ll notice what a difference they can make to that first date or online dating conversation, and that your partner soon starts sending compliments back in return.

Dating can be complicated, especially when it comes to figuring out if they like you or not. Things would be much easier if you could just ask a potential suitor how they feel, but that may come off as a little weird (and desperate) on a first date.

When you meet someone for the first time, it can be hard to tell if your date thinks you’re amazing or they’re just being polite whilst secretly plotting an escape plan. Here are a few subtle (and one not so subtle) signs that he or she is definitely into you.

  1. They listen to what you say

Conversation is key when it comes to working out what your date thinks about you. We’ve all been in those situations where you can’t get a word in, and it’s pretty obvious that he or she is more interested in themself than you.

If a date asks you lots of questions, seems interested in the small details and listens carefully to your answers, it’s a sure-fire sign that there’s chemistry between you.

  1. Their body language reveals all

Observing their body language is a great way to tell how a date really feels about you. Do they mimic the way you sit or take a drink when you do? Mirroring movements is a subconscious sign that your date is completely focused on you. Leaning in towards you over the dinner table, putting their hand on your arm when talking and brushing against you ‘accidentally’ are all positive indications that your date wants to get a little closer to you.

  1. They seem a little nervous

While it can make things a little awkward, nerves aren’t always a bad sign on a date. People tend to get more nervous in important situations where they want to make a great impression.  If your date seems a little fidgety or gets tongue-tied around you, they obviously care what you think. Nerves are usually a sign that they’re attracted to you!

  1. They maintain eye contact

Eye contact is a great indicator of how someone feels. If your date is constantly glancing around the room and seems distracted, chances are that they’re not that interested in you. Maintaining eye contact during a conversation shows that he or she giving you their full attention and enjoying your company.

However, if your date isn’t staring into your eyes all evening, don’t write them off just yet – they could just be shy!

  1. They ask you on a second date

Ok, so this one’s not so hard to decipher, but if your date wants to see you again, it’s pretty obvious you’ve made a great impression. If you think the relationship could be going somewhere, a second date is a good way to get to know each other even better.

Still waiting for a first date?  Free online dating could be the perfect way to find great single people in your area. Sign up to FreeandSingle today to get started.

First dates put a lot of pressure on singletons, as your only chance to make a first impression with a day or night that (you hope) they won’t forget. A swanky meal at a restaurant may be a safe bet, but if you really want to leave them curious for more, it’s time to think outside the box. But don’t give yourself a headache, we’ve come up with 5 unusual first date ideas that will help you wow your date with something a little bit different…


  1. Get Active


It isn’t hard to understand why many of us feel nervous about sitting face-to-face with someone you’ve only just met. Bust those nerves and make some moves by getting active on your first date instead. Surfing is a great choice for Australian dating, whilst almost every city has a rock climbing centre where you can lay the foundations for a fun relationship. The less experience you have, the funnier it will be, so don’t worry if you’re a total amateur!


  1. Cookery Class


Instead of searching for things to talk about as you tuck into food in a restaurant, why not get hands-on with your date and whip up some culinary delights together? Bring up foodie interests during your online dating conversation, and if you share a passion for a certain cuisine, seize the opportunity to find cookery classes in your local area. You’ll soon turn up the heat as you work as a team in the kitchen.


  1. Local Gig

    Music is a great conversation starter when getting to know someone through online dating, so if you happen to share the same music taste then why not invite him or her along to a local gig? Arrive early to share a drink and have a chat before the music starts blaring, and when the act begins you’ll have much less pressure on finding things to talk about! You may even get a chance to dance…


  1. Theme Park

    Want to find someone as fun-loving as you? What better way to put your potential suitor to the test than by inviting them along to a fair or theme park? You’re never too old to enjoy a few rides, and guys you can show your strength by winning a big teddy for her to take home. A great activity for summer, you’ll soon suss out whether they have a playful personality on a theme park first date.


  1. Comedy Night

    Beyond appearances and interests, sense of humour is a crucial factor in determining how well we match with the opposite sex. Free online dating is a great way to get to know someone, but you won’t know until the first date whether you really find him or her funny. Head to a comedy gig to see if you click, for a night filled with laughter – and hopefully some romance!


We love these unique dates ideas as a way to make your first encounter memorable. So why not suggest one of these activities to someone you’re falling for online? Got any other great suggestions? Let us know!

There’s something about the arrival of spring that gives us a whole new outlook on life. All around the world, people are de-cluttering and cleaning their homes, wardrobe, cars and garages. But spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to a physical sense. You could have a squeaky clean home but if your head is a mess then you aren’t going to feel much better! So if you really want to start March with a spring in your step, take some time to sort out your love life.


Purge Your Life of Negative Influences

Still clinging on to the hope that the office Christmas party kiss was more than just a fling? Can’t seem to escape from your ex? Take control of your relationships and get real about who is worth fretting over romantically. You’ll soon realise that these toxic relationships are only holding you back from finding someone special, so cut ties and enjoy the freedom that comes with being 100% single.


Give Yourself Some TLC


It’s easy to get into the habit of being frugal at the start of the year whilst your bank balance makes a recovery, and for those of you North of the equator winter is a time where we neglect our appearances a little. Now that spring has arrived, give yourself some TLC to start feeling good about yourself – whether that be a gym membership, a few new clothes, or a trip to the salon for some pamper time.


A Positive Outlook


Confidence can be just as sexy as appearances, and if you’re feeling good about yourself then you’re much likely to catch the attention of the opposite sex. Whether you’re recovering from heartbreak or you’ve been unlucky in love recently, snap out of your rut and you’ll soon notice the results. A positive outlook is crucial if you want to find success on the dating scene, so take a fresh approach to your love life this spring.


If you really lack confidence, write down 5 things you like about yourself, and focus on how you can improve the areas you don’t – such as your lifestyle or appearance. Become likeable to yourself and you’ll soon start attracting others too.


Take the Initiative


Don’t just sit there waiting for your fairytale to unfold. With free dating online, it’s easy to take the initiative with your love life, in just a few clicks. Set up an online dating profile that reflects this happier, sexier and more confident you, and start talking to local singletons who make you tick. Flirting can help you improve your self-esteem, and you might even find someone special!


Cleanse yourself of negative people, thoughts and influences by giving your love life a virtual spring-clean this season. Learn to love yourself and others will soon start to pay attention, so you can revamp your life with new relationships that have the potential to become something more than ‘just friends’.

Grab a cuppa FreeAndSingle readers, it’s time to look at what’s happening in the world of celebrity dating again.

The last month has been full of ups and downs for famous couples, with rumours of break ups and infidelity flooding social media (we’re looking at you, Zayne). Luckily, it hasn’t all been bad news. As Spring arrives, love seems to blossoming all over the place. Let’s take a look at the latest celeb dating stories, as we take a look at the couples to keep an eye on in April.

Matching Tattoos

Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter are one of our favourite down-to-earth celebrity duos and it seems they may be getting serious. Recently, they both shared loved-up Instagram photos of their fingers sporting matching skull tattoos. Could this be a sign that they’re ready to make a bigger commitment soon? After all, a tattoo is a pretty permanent bond to share. Watch this space!

Mr and Mrs Kutcher

Have Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made their love official? There’s been speculation about whether this Hollywood couple have tied the knot for a while now, but Mila may have spilled the beans this month. While appearing on The Late Late Show in America, host James Corden quizzed her about her marital status and then asked to see her hand, before exclaiming that she was indeed married! We couldn’t be happier for the teenage sweethearts. Mila also hinted that they’re thinking of expanding their family, so keep an eye out for a little brother or sister for baby Wyatt.

A Match Made in Heaven?

Beautiful Taylor Swift always has a string of men vying for her attention, but it’s British singer and DJ Calvin Harris who’s most recently caught her eye. After a bit of flirting at the Brit Awards and Taylor flying to Las Vegas to see Calvin perform, they have now been spotted grocery shopping together in Nashville. The pair were even wearing matching outfits! A couple who dress together stay together right? Of course, they could just be good friends. We will have to wait and see where this one goes…

Heartbreak for Ed

It’s always nice to hear stories of romance, but unfortunately many of us know that love doesn’t always have a happy ending. March wasn’t such a good month for poor Ed Sheeran. He recently confirmed on live radio that he is now single again after splitting from his girlfriend Andrina Athenos. We hope that Ed finds love again soon. Maybe he should give online dating a go?

If you’re flying solo like Ed, but you want to be as loved up as Mila and Ashton, it’s probably time to get out there and meet someone new. Joining FreeAndSingle is a great start. All you need to do is set up your profile and start chatting to single people in your area. After all, you have nothing to lose and you could end up finding your perfect match!