5 Date Ideas for the Over 50’s

Dates for Over 50s

The first few dates with a new match are almost inevitably a nervy experience, and if you’ve been out of the dating game for a long time those usual uncertainties can be compounded tenfold.


Gauging your date’s feelings in this situation can be as difficult as deciphering your own, so the key to compatibility lies in finding mutual ground through the activity and locations you choose for your dates.


Lost for ideas? We’ve got 5 great suggestions to help the more mature free and singles out there get back into the swing of things.


Take a Class Together


Attending a class or workshop is great to get to know one another. Maybe you both have a secret passion you’ve never explored? Learning together can be an enlightening and enjoyable experience, so why not try a history, art or language class, to help each other develop new skills? Alternatively, there are countless varieties of dance classes that could really serve to determine the level of chemistry between you and your match.


Art & Culture


Sharing intellectual and cultural activities is an instant ice breaker and brings plenty of talking points to your date. A walk around an art gallery or local museum could prove to be an unorthodox but romantic daytime dating experience. Especially if you tie it in with brunch, lunch or a coffee!


Stroll and a Picnic


If you’re lucky enough to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, take advantage of your surroundings and extract the romance from your environment! A picnic by the mountains or a beach is an effortless but memorable date that will help you settle into one another’s company.


In Vino Veritas


A visit to a wine tasting event is casual and fun, with plenty of opportunity to talk to your partner. After all, getting to know each other is the point of dating! A glass or two of vino can loosen the nerves and reveal true colours, but remember to proceed with caution: going overboard may not have welcome consequences!


Cook Up a Storm


Being talented and passionate in the kitchen is a truly attractive feature to most, so cooking together can be a fun and sexy idea for a date. Discover your date’s tastes in food and you’ll learn a lot about their personality. If it’s early on in your dating journey and you feel it’s too soon for an invite to your home, why not look for local cooking courses online?


Don’t have apprehensions about getting back into the dating game; there’s so much fun to be had for singles of all ages! A focus on reciprocal interests, shared values and a touch of creativity in dating activities will all help to break the ice. Communication lights the path to unlocking the passion you desire. Talk to your new match, discover and share their likes, and before you know it you’ll feel 20 again.


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