5 First Date Tips for Girls: A Guy’s Perspective

First Date Tips

Ladies, we all know that first dates can be a mixed bag of emotions. As well as the butterflies and excitement, a first date can be a nervy or awkward experience at the best of times. So try not to overthink things, and avoid a tricky first date situation by taking on board these five simple first date tips offered up by the guys at FreeandSingle:


1. Don’t be afraid to call the shots


Guys love a girl who takes hold of a situation. Making suggestions about where to go or what to do on a first date shows initiative and enthusiasm, which is far more alluring than indecision or indifference.


Equally if he suggests something you’re not into, don’t be afraid to tell him so. It’s nice to know you’re no pushover, but try not to come across as fussy…


2. Dress conservatively


There are plenty of better ways to impress a gentleman than turning up in a short dress and plastered in makeup. Men aren’t as shallow as you may think, and it’s important to leave plenty to the imagination. Pick an outfit that is suitable for the activity you’ve chosen and will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.


3. Leave your phone alone


Checking Facebook or your texts every two minutes is a comfort thing. But the truth is, it’s distracting, it makes you look disinterested, and it’s terrible manners – especially if you’re out for a meal. Turn your phone off, leave it in your bag and give him your undivided attention. He’ll be delighted!


4. If you go out for food, EAT!


It would be disconcerting for you to watch him tentatively pick at a salad, so rest assured he’ll feel the same. Men love a girl with an appetite and a passion for food. That’s not to say you should order the biggest item on the menu; just go for something you know you’ll enjoy. It will always lighten the mood if he knows you’re relishing the food.


5. Don’t come on too strong


Bombarding him with texts after a date is never a good idea. Men are simple creatures, and if you come on too strong you may scare them off. Contrary to popular belief, men don’t want to play mind games or have to read between the lines. Generally, if they enjoyed themselves and are interested in another date, they will be in touch. So if you want to gauge how well things went, it may be a good idea to wait patiently and leave the first move to him.


If you’re looking for some good times with like-minded singles, free online dating could be the key to fixing you up with a memorable first date. Log on today and let the fun begin!


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