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Lessons Learned in Dating

We love giving dating advice on this blog, to share the wisdom we’ve gleaned from hundreds of couples that have found love on our site. All of our powers are focused on Cupid’s arrow, and we like to strike people unawares, making them think about what they want from a partner, and how they might achieve it.

However, we’re people too and, like everyone else, we’ve had our share of good, bad and ugly dating experiences. It’s about time we divulged what we’ve learned over the many dates, big and small, that’ve come the way of the FreeAndSingle team:

Don’t Force It

Perhaps the most difficult feeling you’ll have when you and your beau part after first meeting is – that was just okay… but it could be better next time, right? Yes, it very well could. Physical attraction, especially, can morph and mould into something more.

Yet forcing something to happen when it clearly isn’t going to? That’s madness. Only you can recognise it, deep in your gut. Even if your partner thinks the world of you, don’t string them along just to fill your schedule. Be rational about calling it quits when the sparks don’t fly.

‘Types’ Are Bad

We all have a ‘type,’ which is great when you’re looking for no strings attached fun. The problem is when people fix an idea of their dream lover so strongly in their mind that it becomes a ball and chain, dragging them down to an abyss they may never crawl out of.

If you go in with prescriptive qualities on the brain, you’re likely to miss what could be the seeds of a stonking relationship. Let people surprise you. Be open to their oddness or, relatively speaking, their normality. There’s always more to a stranger than meets the eye, and opposites can balance each other out, like an electrical current.

There Are No Rules

We’ve never proclaimed to know the great commandments of dating, because there are none. Subjectivity is part of the game. What works for one couple might be antithetical to the next, and so on. However, let us eat our words a bit and say that every couple should be open to simply doing what they feel like.

Should you let afternoon drinks slip into the early hours of the morning? Go for it. Would they like to meet up the next day too? If it’s going well, don’t be shy. Love is boundless – that’s the key to its success. A date is a blank canvas waiting for a spontaneous, painterly touch to turn into a masterpiece.

Ideally, this post will give you some confidence: now you know that we put our money where our mouth is, that we’ve been through the wringer more times than most. Every lesson, whether it makes you sing or sob, is worth having, and gets you closer to that magical meeting where your eyes light up, and everything in the future becomes possible.

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Celebrity Dating

Since rumours of a divorce between Kim and Kanye have begun circulating after only two short years of marriage, it’s tempting to be jaded with the celebrity dating world – after all, if the world’s most famous couple can’t hack it, what hope is there for anyone else?

Don’t be jaded though, because FreeAndSingle are here to brighten your day. We’ve sniffed out the juiciest hook-ups this month for the pleasure of yours truly. Here are some of our hottest finds on the celeb scene . . .

What Does She Mean?

Selena Gomez’s romance with Grammy-nominated singer Charlie Puth is meant to be going swimmingly ahead of his support slot on her US tour in May.

That is, until she posted a flirty comment on an Instagram photo of her with ex Justin Bieber, which means she might be having second thoughts about her new beau. You can’t have it all, Selena!

Blooming Brilliant

Chisel-chinned actor Orlando Bloom has been spotted holidaying in Hawaii with the magnificent Katy Perry, confirming they are seriously into each other. It’s hard to imagine a more attractive couple, so we’re hoping sparks continue to fly between these two on their exotic escape. Nothing sets the tone for romance like cocktails on the beach…

Best BF Award

Is there anything Taylor Swift can do that isn’t drop-dead gorgeous? After picking up several gongs at the iHeartRadio Awards in California, she gushed appreciably about boyfriend Calvin Harris, who smiled at her from the audience.

“For the first time, I had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and the crowds were gone,” she said after winning the award for Best Tour. Warning: this couple is reaching stratospheric levels of cuteness.

Like A Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy, and reports from her close friends suggest her reconciliation with Liam Hemsworth is causing her a bit of pre-wedding jitters. The couple called off their engagement in 2012; since they’ve tentatively been spending time together again, she’s scared his family are too overbearing.

Hmmm, we doubt many parents would approve of a fiancée like Miley, but there you go. Either way, it’s good to see some stability in her chaotic life.

Keeping It Real

After three months of courtship, Rob Kardashian and ubiquitous video model Black Chyna have been snapped on the streets of L.A. looking like a match made in heaven. His pal Ben Baller, founder of a jewellery company, cut her a specially-designed black diamond ring worth over $300,000. No wonder she looks like the cat that got the cream!

It’s tempting to watch these dramas unfold with envious eyes. Every relationship, though, can make you feel like a superstar. So why not join the fun at FreeAndSingle today, for that path to the perfect partner?

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

Celebrity Dating

February has arrived, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us have love on the brain. So as you muster up the courage to ask that special someone out on a date, or spruce up your online dating profile to attract potential partners, it’s inspiring to look at the celebrity world to put your love life into perspective.


To get you in the mood for romance, let’s take a look at the celebrity couples to keep an eye on this month…


A Royal Affair


We all fantasise about meeting our very own Princess or Prince Charming, but for one lucky PR assistant in Los Angeles, she couldn’t have wished for more. After spending New Year in the US, it’s been reported that Prince Harry is now dating 22-year old Juliette Labelle. Despite the 10-year age gap, the transatlantic time zones and Harry’s royal roots, it seems that romance can be found where you least expect it!


Persistence Pays Off


How long do you wait until you give up woo-ing the apple of your eye? A week? A month… a year? Well one fan girl has proven that patience really is a virtue, after bagging her celebrity crush following a 4-year chase on Twitter. Danielle Caesar met Disney star Jake Austin back in 2011, and instantly knew it was a match. Fast forward to 2016, and the two are looking incredibly loved up on Instagram.


Online Dating Success


As we know, social media isn’t the only way to find love online. This year, it seems that online dating is on trend in the celebrity world, as more and more stars sign up to dating sites and apps. Amy Schumer is one such celebrity who has already found love in 2016.


One lucky furniture maker in the US has whisked Amy off her feet. Here’s what he had to say:


Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here’s to what adventures 2016 brings!’


We couldn’t agree more, Ben! Just one of the many online dating success stories that we look forward to hearing about over the next few months.


Double Trouble

Being single can be a lot of fun. However, if you’re looking to meet someone special, it’s important not to play the field too inadvertently…. as Orlando Bloom has discovered! After getting close and personal with both Katy Perry and Selena Gomez at the Golden Globes last month, it seems he has some decisions to make – and fast!


Dating can be a complicated game, but with a little patience, persistence and luck, it can lead to finding someone who really gives you butterflies and makes every day more special. We can learn a lot from the celebrity dating world, especially our favourite celebrity couples. And as Valentine’s Day looms, it’s never been a better time to try online dating for yourself!


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