Celebrity Dating

Celebrity Dating

The festive season is finally here, FreeAndSingle readers! As December arrives, the jingle bells are ringing and we’re all counting down the days ‘til the 25th with eager anticipation. Christmas isn’t just a time for mulled wine and mince pies though; after Valentine’s Day, it is also the biggest season of romance. After all, who doesn’t want someone to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s evening and kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas morning?


The Hollywood dating scene has been busy again this month, so settle down with a hot mug of cocoa and let us tell you about the latest celebrity couples you should be keeping an eye on through the festive period.


Moving on Fast                                                                   


One of the biggest celebrity dating stories this month is the romance between One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid. While rumours about Zayn and Gigi have been circling for a while, photos of them holding hands seems to confirm that they are in fact a couple, which has caused quite a stir.


Their new relationship comes just a three weeks after Gigi split from Joe Jonas. This has been met with criticism on Twitter, with some people saying she has moved on too fast. Gigi responded with a tweet saying “Sometimes life just happens… for whatever reason in whatever timing.” While we agree that three weeks is a rather quick turnaround, it’s true that love can strike at the most unexpected times.


Waxing Lyrical


After filing for divorce from her husband Gavin Rossdale amid cheating claims, we’re happy to say that Gwen Stefani has found a new love interest. The musician is now dating country singer Blake Shelton. The pair have been good friends for a while but grew closer while acting as coaches on American TV show The Voice.


Blake seems to be head over heels for Gwen and openly gushed about her on Thanksgiving, admitting that he was thankful for her for many of reasons. And it seems than Gwen feels the same way about Blake, revealing that he is a ‘pretty rad guy’. While it’s still early days, we think that this musical pair make a great couple and certainly one to keep an eye on.


Tying the Knot


Finally, we have some exciting news from Hollywood just in time for the festive season. Liv Tyler has announced her engagement to long term partner Dave Gardener. The couple prefer to keep their relationship out of the limelight, but Liv recently shared a sweet Instagram photo of herself and Dave in which she proudly showed off her sparkling engagement ring.


After her divorce from Royston Langdon, Liv confessed that she once had a philosophy that you should only get married once, but her relationship with Dave has changed her mind. It just goes to show that you should always give love a second chance.


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Celebrity Dating News

As summer approaches, things are certainly getting hot in the world of celebrity dating. This month has been a great one for our favourite famous people, with new couples and rumoured romances popping up all over the place. Could it be that the extra sunshine and warmer temperatures are getting those single celebs in the mood for love? Or is summer wedding season bringing out everyone’s romantic side? Let’s take a look at the latest celebrity couples we should be keeping an eye on in June!


Getting Racy


It can be hard to move on when a serious relationship ends, but Lewis Hamilton seems to be making the most of his newly single status. After splitting from long-term love Nicole Scherzinger, the F1 driver has been romantically linked to model and TV star Kendall Jenner. The pair were first spotted looking loved up at the Monaco Grand Prix, and have also been spending time together on a luxury yacht. While Lewis and Kendall aren’t official yet, stay tuned to see where this one goes in the coming months!


More than Friends


Could there be another One Direction/Little Mix love story on the horizon? Twitter has been going crazy this week with speculation that Niall Horan is dating Jade Thirlwall, after a video emerged of them dancing together at a party. Are Niall and Jade just friends or is there something more between these two? Who knows – but romance often blossoms from friendship, so watch this space! As 1D’s Zayn and Little Mix’s Perrie are already an item, there could be some double dates in the future.


Love in LA


Following their fairy tale wedding, Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have been sunning it up on their honeymoon in The Maldives. And it looks like they could be set to enjoy married life in a sunnier climate too. The couple are hoping to move to Los Angeles this year to develop their careers in acting and TV. While we’re more than a little jealous of their plans to swap the UK for LA, we love to see a happy couple chasing their dreams together.


On Again


Whilst getting back with an ex isn’t always recommended, it can sometimes work out when it’s for the right reasons. Katy Perry and John Mayer have been on and off for some time now, but it looks like the couple are back together again. Having both matured and learned how to take care of themselves, the pair feel that it is the right time to give love another chance. But will it last? We’re keeping our fingers crossed for them.


In a world that’s often rocked by dramatic breakups and infidelity, it’s always nice to hear some good news from the celebrity dating scene. Are you still on the search for your summer love? Online dating could be the key to finding that special someone. Join the fun at FreeAndSingle and see where it takes you!


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Grab a cuppa FreeAndSingle readers, it’s time to look at what’s happening in the world of celebrity dating again.

The last month has been full of ups and downs for famous couples, with rumours of break ups and infidelity flooding social media (we’re looking at you, Zayne). Luckily, it hasn’t all been bad news. As Spring arrives, love seems to blossoming all over the place. Let’s take a look at the latest celeb dating stories, as we take a look at the couples to keep an eye on in April.

Matching Tattoos

Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter are one of our favourite down-to-earth celebrity duos and it seems they may be getting serious. Recently, they both shared loved-up Instagram photos of their fingers sporting matching skull tattoos. Could this be a sign that they’re ready to make a bigger commitment soon? After all, a tattoo is a pretty permanent bond to share. Watch this space!

Mr and Mrs Kutcher

Have Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made their love official? There’s been speculation about whether this Hollywood couple have tied the knot for a while now, but Mila may have spilled the beans this month. While appearing on The Late Late Show in America, host James Corden quizzed her about her marital status and then asked to see her hand, before exclaiming that she was indeed married! We couldn’t be happier for the teenage sweethearts. Mila also hinted that they’re thinking of expanding their family, so keep an eye out for a little brother or sister for baby Wyatt.

A Match Made in Heaven?

Beautiful Taylor Swift always has a string of men vying for her attention, but it’s British singer and DJ Calvin Harris who’s most recently caught her eye. After a bit of flirting at the Brit Awards and Taylor flying to Las Vegas to see Calvin perform, they have now been spotted grocery shopping together in Nashville. The pair were even wearing matching outfits! A couple who dress together stay together right? Of course, they could just be good friends. We will have to wait and see where this one goes…

Heartbreak for Ed

It’s always nice to hear stories of romance, but unfortunately many of us know that love doesn’t always have a happy ending. March wasn’t such a good month for poor Ed Sheeran. He recently confirmed on live radio that he is now single again after splitting from his girlfriend Andrina Athenos. We hope that Ed finds love again soon. Maybe he should give online dating a go?

If you’re flying solo like Ed, but you want to be as loved up as Mila and Ashton, it’s probably time to get out there and meet someone new. Joining FreeAndSingle is a great start. All you need to do is set up your profile and start chatting to single people in your area. After all, you have nothing to lose and you could end up finding your perfect match!

This month, we’re taking a more philosophical approach to our celebrity dating blog feature. Because we don’t just look to the hottest stars in Hollywood for the sake of it – celebrity couples lead the way in defining modern relationships, often with controversial results. Read on for the headline-stealing stories of the past few weeks, as we ponder new relationships, Twitter debates and how singletons should approach their love lives.


Women on Top

The news that Danny Dyer’s girlfriend popped the question on Valentine’s Day sparked a Twitter storm this week, as Katie Hopkins took it upon herself to say that ‘no woman should ever propose to a man.’ As you can imagine, the outspoken CBB contestant started a huge debate, with some agreeing that it was a man’s role whilst others applauded girlfriend Joanne’s bold move. Like it or hate it, Danny Dyer seems pretty happy with his new engagement. What do you think FreeAndSingle about female proposals folks?


J-Lo Gets Down to Earth

Jennifer Lopez lovers, listen up! In a recent interview on Lorraine, the star showed she had no qualms about dating non-celebs. ‘You have to be open to whatever possibilities life presents to you’ she said. And if this smoking A-lister is open to stumbling across new romances, we ought to take a leaf out of her book.


Are you giving Cupid a chance? Take control of your love life by giving free online dating a try. We can’t promise Jennifer Lopez will be online, but you’ll find lots of other singletons with a star personality.


True or False?

Rihanna and Leonardo diCaprio are yet to confirm whether they are dating, but as neither of them have taken the initiative the quell the rumours that have been spirally for weeks it seems fair to assume that they are more than ‘just friends’.


You can’t help but feel a little sorry for celebrities when it comes to their love lives – it’s a lot harder to be discreet about your relationships with family, friends and the entire world when you are two of the biggest stars on the planet. After being snapped in public together on several occasions, watch this space to see if an announcement is on the cards soon.


However we’ve already been bitterly disappointed this month, with the confirmation that the Prince Harry and Emma Watson dating rumours were in fact false. Hands up who was hoping for a royal Hogwarts wedding? We can only dream…

As a new season blossoms we have no doubt that there will be lots of new celebrity couples cropping up over the next few months. Share your opinion on the latest celebrity gossip by commenting below, or get in touch if you have your own star story to share from your online dating experiences with FreeAndSingle – we’d love to feature you!