FNS Updates

Happy Hump Day! This Wednesday, I want to share some news to brighten up the fast approaching Bank Holiday (because you just can’t trust the weather these days).


This August Bank Holiday Weekend, we’re going to be running a number of special offers for all our lovely Free and Single members!


For those of you who fully intend to start the party the moment the clock hits 5pm this Friday afternoon, we’re running a FREE READ session between 6pm and 8pm (Which gives you just enough time to get home and grab some dinner before starting the search for a great date).


Now, I know all you Free and Single’s not based in the UK are feeling a little hard-done by the lack of public holidays in your neck of the woods, but, guess what? We’re so into the holiday vibe at the moment that we decided to give the FREE READ session to all members, in local time, whether they are in the UK or not! There is generosity for you.


The fun doesn’t end there however, so don’t worry if you already have plans for Friday night. On Saturday, we’ll be offering members who have been with us for a certain amount of time an absolutely free 3 day trial of the entire site!


Lastly, we know many of you online daters will have loads of stuff already planned for the long weekend but may be annoyed at missing out on these great offers to find perfect dates. So on Monday, we will be sending out a little surprise in your email – just because we love having you here.


So from all of us here at Free and Single, have a fantastic bank holiday, enjoy the offers and check out the last blog for some great date ideas.


Have you got that Friday feeling today?


If the ‘Thank God Its Friday’ syndrome is really catching up with you, then I have a great reminder for you – next weekend is the August Bank Holiday! If your head has been stuck in paperwork and to-do lists, now you’ll finally have some time to get online, find a great date and actually head out and about with them.


Not to mention, in honour of the additional 24 hours of free time stuck onto your weekend, we’re going to be sending out some fantastic offers for all our fabulous Free and Single’s – so what are you waiting for? Let’s get in the holiday mood!


I’ve got some ideas to share with you on how you could spend that all important extra day off, so have a browse and see what takes your fancy (ooh, and you have any ideas or plans, I would love to hear them, so do please leave me a comment).




If you are spending some time in London after the recent Olympic fanfare, you might want to consider checking out the outdoor film showing at Somerset House on the 25th August for a chance to snuggle with your date – definitely bring a picnic and a blanket!




Maybe you are a little further North than London and can head to Manchester for a night out. Why not have a look at the Blue Cat Cafe for some up and coming the music stars and fantastic beats? Listen to some smooth jazz, perfect for the over 40s dater who likes to kick back with a gin and tonic.




For those of you heading to Dublin, why not try out one of the many attractions of the Emerald Isle? My favourites are Dublin Castle and seafood at Aqua. Take your date for a mini break and enjoy Guinness together in a cosy pub if it rains, or explore the city like a local if the sun shines.




If you are feeling flush this upcoming Bank Holiday weekend, why not take your date to Paris? Try out this spectacular magic show and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ together before heading out for some of France’s famous culinary delights.


Find local datesThose incredibly clever guys in our Development Team have really done themselves proud this week. And we’re over the moon to tell you all about it!


You can now search for member profiles near you using your phone’s GPS signal!


Using your mobile phone, log in to any of the Niche Sites you’re a member of, and tap on the ‘local’ icon.


You’ll be able to search for members by their interests, characteristics, appearance and much more. Helping you find exactly what you’re after!


…And for those of you who might be worried…don’t be! We only give an approximation of location, so you’re not going to get prospective dates turning up on your doorstep!


Log in now and try it for yourself!


The FreeAndSingle Team.

The British tennis season is here. That only means one thing, Wimbledon. Wimbledon is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, and even if the weather threatens to rain on your parade, it is an event everyone should experience at least once in their life.


Wimbledon's a great dating ideaAnd it’s a perfect place to take your partner on a date. There’s great tennis, loads of celebrities, tons going on, and great restaurants in Wimbledon Village if you fancy a bite to eat afterwards. You won’t be struggling for things to talk about, and the atmosphere gives the whole date a feel good vibe.


Advance tickets are distributed by public ballot, and to be eligible you must write to The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club requesting to enter by 31 December for the following year. Your chances of being successful in the lottery are remote. You can queue on the day, but get there early, and remember payment is with cash only. If you want Centre Court tickets, which start at £40, arrive around 3am, or the night before. If you just want to soak up the atmosphere, a ground pass at £20 will suffice – the benefits being that you don’t need to queue so early, and on the first week you can see some big names on the outside courts. Or you can catch the evening matches after work for just £14.


Whenever you go, you’re likely to have to queue to get in. So if you’ve gone along with that special person, be prepared! Maybe take a couple of seats, a special hamper of food, and some drinks. You’re queuing to get into one of the world’s greatest sporting events, so the queue is part of the whole experience. Use it as a good excuse to get to know each other.


If you’re really lucky (or resourceful), you’ll be able to get your date into Centre Court. Here’s a tip for you… The people who man the doors into Centre Court are absolutely fabulous. Tell them you’re on a date, and your partner has never seen inside Centre Court. Could they please just let the two of you in for a couple of games…? If they say no, just move onto the next entrance and try again. Eventually you’ll strike gold.


Make the effort and get along to Wimbledon this year. I’m taking Paula and the kids tomorrow evening (very romantic, because Wimbledon was one of the first dates I took her on. I got us into Centre Court and we watched Juan Carlos Ferrero). Maybe see you there 😉


If you haven’t got yourself a date yet, what are you waiting for? Get online now and find your perfect tennis partner!


Tim, FreeAndSingle.

It is confessions time people. I want to know who loves a bit of ‘X-Factor’ or ‘The Voice’? Who can’t get enough of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’? Who is desperate to be a contestant on ‘The Million Pound Drop Live’?


The reason I ask is because the extreme amount of reality TV shows available is about to get bigger. I was chuckling at the most recent episode of ‘Take Me Out’ when an email popped into my inbox. This email detailed the basis for not one, but two new reality shows focusing on dating. What is more, the producers of these new, as yet unreleased shows want you to apply to be in the first series! Yes, you!


So if you have always fancied yourself a bit of a cheeky chap who needs a bit of exposure on TV to make his dreams come true, keep reading. If you are a lovely lady looking to hit the headlines with a turn on television, carry on reading!


The first show the email detailed to me (and this is a corker) will appeal to all you Singstar fans. The show will be airing on Sky Living HD and is going to be named ‘Sing Date’. Yes, the name is a bit rubbish but the concept is all there in the title. The purpose of the show is to get a single women to pick three singing men out of ten possible candidates. Once she has picked, each man gets to sing a duet with the lovely lady. The show finishes with the lady choosing her favourite and the pair of them embarking on a date to record their own special duet. If you love your karaoke, or you just know you could do better than the last contestant of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ when faced with a stage and spotlight then head to singdate@princesstv.com or call on 020 7985 1808. Applicants must be over 18 years old. If you make the show, I would love to hear from you and interview you about your experience!


Second on the list is yet another makeover show! This one will be airing on Channel 4 and sells itself as a sort of self-help guide for serial date-gone-wrong-ers. If you have had a string of bad luck where dating is concerned recently, or its been a while since you took the plunge in the dating pool this show is for you. The helpful people at Channel 4 will give you all the help you need to find out where you are going wrong and give you the chance to fix it! So if you are between the ages of 18-60 and fancy a makeover to help you with your dating confidence, then email datingmakeover@ricochet.co.uk or call them on 01273 224817. Again, if you enter this show I would really love to know what happens, how it goes for you and any backstage stories you pick up along the way!


As you know 2012 is a leap year and as the old tradition goes, 29th February is the one day that women can propose to men.



There are so many ways of doing this including introducing yourself to as many or few men as you want with an Ice Breaker.


Now we’re not suggesting you go proposing in your first message (men tend to get a bit nervous when that happens!), but we want all you lovely ladies to take a leap of faith and put yourself out there.


Prefer a more personal touch? Why not….


  • Wink at that guy you’ve been eyeing up.
  • Send him a special Gift
  • Send him a personal Message.
  • Add him to your Favourites.


Don’t wait, make it happen now!


Good Luck,


The FreeAndSingle Team.


Get yer jim jams on and head to 40 Winks on Mile End road for some seriously saucy bedtime stories. Celebrate Valentine’s with stories of ‘Love, Lust and Longing’ and chuckle at everyone in their sleeping gear.



Pop along to Barburrito on Piccadilly Gardens for dinner and take turns creating burritos for each other. I’d say go with the hot sauce every time, but you might want to check allergies before you go piling peanuts on top of everything.



What is better than a trip to the Pier to inspire teenage memories of dates gone by? Compare notes with your date about terrible teenage mishaps while zooming backwards on a G-force ride. Steady your stomachs after with fish and chips on the beach – preferably, in the rain.




If you fancy a bit of an electrical-speakeasy vibe, meet your date at Cabaret Voltaire on Blair Street on the 13th, then spend VDay itself dissecting every little bit of the indie-folk-rock band, Chasing Owls.



Enjoy a sophisticated teatime treat at the Cake Cafe on Camden Street, with a plate of delightful home baked cake and a glass of bubbles. From your vantage point, you’ll be able watch all the men dashing around looking terrified, trying to remember whether their girlfriends and wives said they liked getting chocolate as a present.



Grab your date and head to the Bullring, put aside £10 each and challenge yourselves to find the worst Valentine’s themed item in the place. You have 30 minutes to search, then meet up for coffee, exchanging your ‘gifts’ and sharing the tales of your adventure.



Treat your date to an Exeter Red Coat Guided Tour exploring the Ghosts and Legends of the city. Wrap up warm for the tour then make up for all the calories lost in the adrenaline of being in the city at night surrounded by scary stories by chowing down on some hot street food like pancakes or noodles.



Get yourself and your date to the brand new Marlowe Theatre for a DJ Workshop and spend the day mixing tunes and premièring your beat at the end of the day. Once you have finished storming the charts you can stroll down the High Street and enjoy any number of delicious pubs and restaurants – check down the side alleys for the really good stuff.



Feeling romantic? Take your date to the shores of the River Cam and hire a punt. Languidly float through the waters cuddled up together under a blanket, with a thermos of soup and some fresh bakery bread. While roaming the river, you can discuss such serious topics as the meaning of life, where babies come from and why X-Factor is still going for another series.



Pop out of the city towards the Wirral and spend the day surveying the farmshops and noshing down on as many free samples as you can get your sticky mitts on. Take turns delving into conversation with the vendors and decide on choice foodstuffs to take home and picnic on later.




New Year

Resolutions. We’ve all made them, we’ve all broken them. That is all in the past now though and I need you to be looking at the present, and the future. 2013. This is your year to shine.


New You

There is no need to give yourself a mile-long list of things you need to change about yourself in order to make the best of the year and reach your full potential. Think small – I’m talking small, manageable changes. Slight alterations in your already established habits that could really make a difference? Are you one of the thousands who are promising themselves that 2013 is the year they will get fit? Maybe that you are aiming for a promotion at work?


Well, don’t just sit there! Having a goal is all very well, but without a plan to achieve your aim your resolution is going to be over and done with by the 3rd January.

If you are trying to get fit, don’t buy a gym membership and congratulate yourself on your fitness forethought.

  • Go for a walk every day for a week before you even think about laying down your plastic.
  • Try walking instead of taking the car to the shops.
  • Take the stairs during the department store sales instead of the elevator.
  • Write up a program of treats you get every time you make one of your goals – lost a pound? Take an hour off chores to watch a film. Finally managed to run 1 mile? Buy yourself some proper trainers to encourage you continuing.
If you are looking to get promoted, don’t rest on your laurels from last year’s successes.
  • Put forth a plan on how you will accomplish your promotion.
  • Arrange a review with your manager to discuss what you can do to be eligible for promotion.
  • Schedule in some extra time to devote to developing your ideas or writing reports to show willing.
  • Be available to help out and be there with ideas when they are needed.
Think about the end goal, but also put a plan in place to help you get there. For example, if your resolution is to meet someone to form a relationship, or just to get out dating more, it will never happen unless you take the first step and try to make it happen. Be more open to opportunities, ask your friends to help set you up, join an online dating website, say ‘yes’ to people you wouldn’t usually date and be willing to experience new things in your search.

New Dates

If you are looking for new dates in 2013, or just on the hunt for a special relationship don’t treat the aim as the be all and end all. After all, dating and finding your partner in life should be enjoyable!

Have a think about what you want to gain from dating – casual flings, steady dating or a proper relationship – maybe even marriage? Once you know what you are looking to find, it will be easier to spot and you are more likely to be successful.

We at Free and Single recommend reading over some of our articles on getting started online dating to help you out in the beginning;