Celebrity Dating: Couples to Keep an Eye on in March

This month, we’re taking a more philosophical approach to our celebrity dating blog feature. Because we don’t just look to the hottest stars in Hollywood for the sake of it – celebrity couples lead the way in defining modern relationships, often with controversial results. Read on for the headline-stealing stories of the past few weeks, as we ponder new relationships, Twitter debates and how singletons should approach their love lives.


Women on Top

The news that Danny Dyer’s girlfriend popped the question on Valentine’s Day sparked a Twitter storm this week, as Katie Hopkins took it upon herself to say that ‘no woman should ever propose to a man.’ As you can imagine, the outspoken CBB contestant started a huge debate, with some agreeing that it was a man’s role whilst others applauded girlfriend Joanne’s bold move. Like it or hate it, Danny Dyer seems pretty happy with his new engagement. What do you think FreeAndSingle about female proposals folks?


J-Lo Gets Down to Earth

Jennifer Lopez lovers, listen up! In a recent interview on Lorraine, the star showed she had no qualms about dating non-celebs. ‘You have to be open to whatever possibilities life presents to you’ she said. And if this smoking A-lister is open to stumbling across new romances, we ought to take a leaf out of her book.


Are you giving Cupid a chance? Take control of your love life by giving free online dating a try. We can’t promise Jennifer Lopez will be online, but you’ll find lots of other singletons with a star personality.


True or False?

Rihanna and Leonardo diCaprio are yet to confirm whether they are dating, but as neither of them have taken the initiative the quell the rumours that have been spirally for weeks it seems fair to assume that they are more than ‘just friends’.


You can’t help but feel a little sorry for celebrities when it comes to their love lives – it’s a lot harder to be discreet about your relationships with family, friends and the entire world when you are two of the biggest stars on the planet. After being snapped in public together on several occasions, watch this space to see if an announcement is on the cards soon.


However we’ve already been bitterly disappointed this month, with the confirmation that the Prince Harry and Emma Watson dating rumours were in fact false. Hands up who was hoping for a royal Hogwarts wedding? We can only dream…

As a new season blossoms we have no doubt that there will be lots of new celebrity couples cropping up over the next few months. Share your opinion on the latest celebrity gossip by commenting below, or get in touch if you have your own star story to share from your online dating experiences with FreeAndSingle – we’d love to feature you!

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