Cuddly Free and Single’s 5 Top Tips for Dating as a Voluptuous Woman

To all our CuddlyFreeAndSingle‘s, we have a few top tips for making dating fun which we hope you can add to in the comments!


1. Remember How Great You Are

This one is worth remembering Ladies! It can be hard, we all have our down days, but make an effort to get back on top. Remember something funny, call a friend for a chat, watch a comedy, listen to some angry rock…whatever works for you to get you out of the fug and feeling great! Then harness that feeling and you you will be unstoppable!


2. Be Yourself

There is no point in using a fake persona to attract a date – after all, you cannot truly click with someone if you are pretending. You want a guy who is attracted to you and not your stage persona. Hold out for a great guy who you really like, not just a great guy you think you should like.

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3. If You Want to Change, Go For It!

If you feel that your hairstyle, your fashion sense, your low self-esteem or your weight is really holding you back from achieving everything you deserve, then do something about it. You hold all the power. Book in a stylish haircut, go shopping with some good friends, try making a list about all your achievements or join a fun dance class.


4. Have Fun

Whatever you do on your date and in your life, see the fun side! A women enjoying herself is the most attractive thing in the world. Even if it has poured rain on you, the food gave you indigestion and the shoes you bought especially are pinching your toes there is always something to feel good about – you just have to find it.


5. Look Sensational

Always emphasise your best bits – choose what you like most about yourself and look through some recent pictures to help you decide what style of clothing looks best on you. Feel free to play around or invest in a personal shopper or stylist service and find out what clothing makes you feel fabulous.


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