Refreshing Date Ideas for January 2014

Usually, the first blog post of the month here at Free and Single gives you some really specific, country focused date ideas. Not this month. Nope, this January 2014, I’m putting forwards three great, all purpose date plans you can do anywhere, one for each country Free and Single is based in.


United Kingdom

The constant gales and blustery torrential rain can’t get you down if you purposefully set out to beat it! Wrap up warm and swathe yourself in waterproofs – now is┬áthe time to dig out your wellies and sou’ wester!

Once you and your date are fully water repellent, head into the great outdoors for a whirlwind adventure through some of the beautiful countryside – try a nature trail, an English Heritage tour or a garden exploration.

Don’t forget, once you’re done outside, you have most definitely earned a long, lavish teatime treat in a local cafe or pub to warm you up and discuss all your madcap new anecdotes!


United States of America

Beat the wintry chill with a cosy indoor picnic! Make sure the room you choose is clean and tidy, then stun your date with a thoughtfully prepared picnic feast and drinks, all laid out on your freshly washed picnic rug.

Lay out on the floor once you’re down eating, pop a rustic sounds track or some folk music on your phone and look up at the wide expanse of, eh, sky? Ceiling?

Use your imagination and have a great time chatting. Often sharing a meal outside the confines of a table and chairs can really help you to relax and be yourself – which is just what you need on a date!



The heat is high in Oz right now and I reckon nothing could be better for a hot date than, well, air con.

Whizz your date over to a public ice rink, pull on some super thick socks and spend an hour or two holding hands and practising your backwards skate moves.

After you’re done skating, sit-in at a cosy diner and chow down on burgers and milkshakes. Bonus points if there’s a jukebox you can sing along to, 50s style!