Dating Red Flags: 4 Signs They Will Cheat

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Getting back in the dating game isn’t easy, particularly if you’ve been hurt in the past. You want to be sure that your next relationship will have a happy ending (ideally, no ending at all!), without leaving a sour taste in your mouth.


It’s easy to get bowled over by someone during those giddy first dates, so how do you keep a clear head and spot a recipe for disaster before it ends in tears? Look out for these 4 signs to spot a cheater before it’s too late.


The Wandering Eye


You’re out at a restaurant, and his gaze follows every waitress that whizzes past. She goes to the toilet, and seems to flirt with every guy in her path. Social butterflies may seem harmless, but if your date is easily distracted by other men and women in the room, proceed with caution. If they can’t keep their focus on you during the early dates, it may spell trouble later down the line.


The One Track Mind


It feels oh-so good to feel wanted, doesn’t it? When you meet a new partner and your love life takes a turn for the good books, it can be hard to listen to your head over your heart. Whilst passion should be a crucial component of any relationship, beware of men and women with a one track mind.


If they seem more eager to skip straight to walking you home than to let the hours slip by over dinner getting to know one another, they could be setting you up for disappointment when you want to get serious.


The Closed Book


Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve, but there’s a difference between a closed book and someone with secrets. Do they move their phone out of sight when they receive a text, or change the subject when you talk about past relationships? This could be a sign that they like their privacy, especially in the early days. But if these signals persist, you may need to consider what they are trying to hide.


The Reformed Player

On the other hand, your date may be honest and upfront about their relationship history, and admit that they have played around in the past. Whilst there’s something to be said for laying your cards out on the table, be very wary of anyone with a track record of cheating.


Sure, their last girlfriend may have been a nightmare, or their marriage could have already been in tatters, but it’s easy to make excuses for your actions. Remember the saying ‘a leopard never changes its spots’?


You’ve got to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince or princess, but by keeping your wits about you in the early days, you can dodge heartbreak and find someone deserving of your time and attention. Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs that they will cheat, to make sure your new match is an all round good egg.

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