Dating Red Flags: 4 Signs They’re a Killjoy

Warning Signs Dating

It’s happened – you’ve both fallen for each other’s cheeky emoji usage, and you’ve arranged to meet for a first date. The attraction is there, but now comes the test: will he or she live up to their profile? Will they actually make you laugh, or will they vainly attempt to impress you with tales of their awesomeness, without actually doing anything in particular?


The killjoy is an unwitting pitfall, drawing in victims with mad Ibiza holiday photos and 3am bedroom selfies taken with angelic precision. But looks alone don’t decide what makes a great date. Here are some warning signs that your potential lover is more boring than a wet flannel.


The Narcissist


Okay, you get it. Their family is close, they like revving their car, and their favourite food is bolognese; was that worth the 30 minutes it took to reach these prosaic miracles of wonder? Ever since you ordered the first drink, they made a big deal of taking their coat off and saying how late they were getting ready.


You find yourself dozing at the round offensive O of their mouth, which ceases to blab when their phone buzzes, and there’s an awkward pause before another round of The Places I’ve Socialised lurches into motion. “What about me!?” you want to scream, to the brick wall that has more interest in your thoughts and opinions.


The Politician


Discussing important issues is, funnily enough, important. Social injustice should be treated with due respect and the fiery wrath of conviction when the occasion calls for it. To unleash your anger over mid-afternoon coffee, however, when the person of your dreams could be judging your every move, is a clear message that you don’t know when to let it all go.


It’s an even worse subject to bring up in absence of anything else to say, perhaps the least-attractive stop-gap in the entire arsenal of conversation. If talk turns to tax rates, you’re best to vote ‘no’.


The Music Snob


Whether someone’s a 3rd generation boyband fanatic, or an isolated woodsman who only rates the sounds of a sanded banjo, the worst kind of partners are the ones that cannot see any joy in your music collection. “Ugh, Taylor Swift,” they’ll say as you die slightly inside – what about listening to the radio in the car together, party playlists, duets in the bathroom mirror? Music snobs can be a real romance killer, and a sign that they’re unwilling to compromise.


The Apologiser


Arguably, all of the above types of people cannot help but be themselves. Personal taste will dictate whether you find them boring or brilliant, but a greater sin is saying sorry in advance for how you come across.


Yes, your hairy arms are odd. I don’t mind. I didn’t, but then you brought it up, and now I’m wondering if you can ever relax. Trust your good side and the bad won’t even be noticed. Confidence is a case of mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.


Even though none of us have superhuman powers of judgement, these dating red flags will alert you to the fact that your date just might not be worth your effort. Join our free online dating site today, and start making your way to The One.


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