Dating Red Flags: 4 Signs They’re High Maintenance

Dating Red Flags

High maintenance partners are remarkably difficult to spot. Most will only reveal the depths of their neediness only when they’ve grown used to your company. Maintaining a decent first impression isn’t hard for someone who likes to be idolised, after all.

So if you’re worried your date might turn out to be a lot to handle in the long run, here are some dating red flags to look out for that indicate they could be the high maintenance type.

The Whinger

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional whinge. What you don’t want is a constant grey filter over your day, courtesy of a date who has sarcasm as their default setting. Moaning is funny if it’s tempered by enjoying life – when they’re constantly mad about the traffic or their long day at work, this could be a sign they have little good to say about anything. That includes you, if you give them a chance.

The Phone Addict

One of the cardinal sins of dating is making you feel like they really could be anywhere else and not care. And one of the most common ways this is achieved nowadays is through the sins of the smartphone obsessive. Having someone play with a screen blatantly, happily and without shame on your meet-up is a colossal warning sign.

If they can’t shut their friends or Snapchat acquaintances off for two hours, what hope have you got for nights in together, snuggled up and drowning in each other’s small talk?

The Nostalgist

“Darren was so amazing, he took us away for the weekend to Malta, and then there was Gus too, he was a chef and had loads of his mates round to cook for us . . .” Proceed with caution if your date is blathering about old relationships.

It’s completely fine to lambast or enshrine your exes as long as you’re not listing them like a Tombola prize. When someone gets misty-eyed for a partner’s material benefits, you can be sure they’ll size you up in the same fashion.

The Boxing Opponent

You’ve come to terms with the fact they’re a vegan eco-warrior on the brink of spiritual rebirth, and you’re telling them how you just fancy a cuppa on the sofa most evenings, nothing too strenuous. They stick their tongue in their cheek and glare at you. “I don’t agree with any of that,” they say, and you can practically see the war paint on their face.

Some people thrive on conflict and, thus, aren’t suited to dating. We’re all unique, so don’t give anyone the time of day who thinks they’re better than you.

Relationships are a two-way street. As soon as an imbalance forms, it’s often hard to steer things back to a steady course. High maintenance partners aren’t always a recipe for disaster, but if you notice these dating red flags, you may want to tread carefully.

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