Jenny met Jon on Free and Single in January 2012.


She had been single for eight months and had finally felt ‘over’ her ex when a friend suggested online dating. She laughed it off but then, curious, she set up an account.


Within days she had been ‘winked’ at, messaged and all-round showered with attention. Nervously, Jenny browsed the profiles of the guys who had shown interest. One guy stood out for her.


Jon had a friendly smile in his profile picture, he looked right out of the screen as if they were face-to-face. He had described himself as ‘shy, quiet and bookish’ but also had a friend describe him as ‘a darts-playing champion who could make anybody laugh with his quick humour. Makes a mean grilled cheese.’ Andrea was intrigued and attracted. With some trepidation, she messaged him back.


Soon, Jenny and Jon were racing home from work each day to check their messages. They quickly moved from chatting online to their first nervous phonecall and after that, well, they were unstoppable. Soon, they were ready to meet in person.


Jenny picked out her outfit with care, had a friend stop by to give her a pep talk and an outfit critique and then left for a coffee shop that she and Jon had determined to be exactly between their towns. She was shaking as she ordered a latte and sat down at a table with a good view of the door.


Jon walked in and Jenny recognised him immediately. He came straight over and they bumped noses accidentally as they tried to do the whole continental greeting thing. Instead of feeling mortified though, Jenny felt an instant calm and chuckled along with Jon’s witty observance – she forgets what he said exactly, but she knew straight away that she liked this guy as much in reality as she did online.


Now, two years into the relationship, Jenny couldn’t be happier. She and Jon are moving in together, finally, after a few hiccups with deciding which town to move to for ease of commute. They’re planning a holiday for the summer and still visiting the coffee shop where they first bumped noses. If she could change one thing?


‘I’d have signed up sooner! Jon was online for a month before I was – imagine if someone else had snapped him up before I got there!’