Do You Stretch the Truth on your Online Dating Profile?

Typically, people who use online dating sites have one goal in common: They are all on the look out for a potential partner.


However, given that the overall aim of internet dating is to eventually meet a suitable prospect face to face, it seems strange that in order to first attract the attention of this possible life mate, they may, if not downright lie, stretch the truth a little bit to make themselves seem more attractive.


Not only does this set up a false pretense (not the best way to start off a trusting relationship) but you run the risk of attracting someone you will not actually match up with very well. If being a Marine Biologist is so important to the person you are trying to impress, they probably won’t be so interested anymore when they find out that you are in fact a Freelance Journalist.


Here are a few of the most common areas that people exaggerate when they write their internet dating profile:


Old Photo

One of the most common white lies is posting a profile picture that is maybe not an accurate representation of you, now.¬† It’s all very well to have been a competing gymnast when you were younger, but you have to accept it as part of your past. Posting a photo of you in a bendy pose, all lycra and legs, if you now find it tricky to touch your toes and can be more often found in jeans and a tee is not going to attract the attention of someone who will fit into your life now.



Boosting or lowering your height by a few inches is a popular way to fit into a category of ‘More Attractive’.¬†Stereotypically¬† women are attracted to tall men and men to dainty women. However, the very fact that you may one day intend to meet this person in the flesh means that this white lie will last only as long as you keep the relationship virtual. If they are honestly prepared to move onto another profile simply because you are an inch shorter or taller than their ideal, then they are clearly too picky and superficial.



Lastly, boosting your income expectations can never end well. Remember how celebrities are always complaining that they never know if their admirers are truly interested in them, the person, or them, the persona with all the cash? Well, the same applies here. Why on earth would you profess to live in a manor house with a yearly income of ¬£50,000 unless you can back it up? You don’t want to risk getting hurt by a gold-digger or being judged at a later date because you allowed the idea that birthdays would be filled with Tiffany boxes to continue.


The best bet? Be truthful on your online dating profile. By all means, dress up for your profile pic – but keep it recent and update it every few weeks. If you are 100% yourself, you are 100% more likely to meet the person who will love you for you.