Easy Ways to Avoid Internet Dating Scams

Avoid Internet Dating Scams

Online dating is a fun and simple way to meet new people and find someone who really is the perfect match for you. However many people worry (quite rightly) about their safety online when internet dating, especially when sharing their details and profile online, and talking to strangers. Last week, the fantastic news that two internet dating scammers had been caught hit the headlines. Although scammers do exist out there, by following a few tips and advice from FreeAndSingle you can avoid any trouble when searching for someone online and get the most out of free dating online.


Choose a Quality Dating Site


Ok, so we admit that we might not be the most unbiased source to suggest this, but it really is important that you choose a reputable, trusted dating site when you start your online quest for love. A quality site will have thorough measures and procedures in place to screen the database for scammers, and take appropriate action to investigate and root out anyone who is expect to be misusing their profile. FreeAndSingle offers a completely free online dating service for its members, whilst protecting them from situations that can often arise in less secure dating platforms.


Stay Switched On


It’s very easy to gain a false sense of security when talking to someone online, but you should always keep your wits about you when using the internet, for dating or other matters. If someone sends you a first message, you should always check out their profile. This can give clues as to whether they are a real person, or if something isn’t right when you are talking to them. Do they have a profile picture, or if they do, is it a little too perfect? Does their communication seem totally different to the persona in their bio? These subtle but telling signs can help you to notice an imposter early on.


Protect Personal Information


You might be getting on like a house on fire with a man or woman who you’ve been talking to for a few days or weeks. But try to bear in mind that you’ve never actually met this person, no matter how well you might feel you know them. Take caution if they start asking for personal details such as your address, salary, workplace or personal possessions. True, they might be asking how much you earn or what street you live on in innocence, but you don’t want to find out that you’ve been scammed the hard way.


If ever you feel that you are unsure about someone when dating online, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And remember that you can always contact the FreeAndSingle team if you are concerned about your safety online, or think that you are talking to someone who could be a scammer. We’re here to protect you when internet dating, and make your experience as fun, safe and easy as possible to help you find someone perfect.

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