Expert Tips for Dating Someone from Another Culture

Dating from different cultures

Love comes in many shapes and forms, and sometimes your perfect match might not be the person you thought they would be on paper. Online dating gives us an opportunity to meet a diverse range of singles from different religions, cultures, towns and countries. Getting to know these people and their outlook on life is one of the most exciting parts of dating.


However, if you want to make a relationship with someone from another culture work, it’s important to respect those differences and understand how they might affect your relationship.


Keep an Open Mind


Remember the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’? Throughout our lives, we pick up a plethora of stereotypes that can influence our judgement of a person. However, often when you meet someone from another walk of life, we can be surprised by just how wrong our preconceptions were.

Bear this in mind when dating someone whose upbringing doesn’t match your own. Ask questions and keep an open mind, and you may find that you have more in common than you think! Besides, by taking a genuine interest in the background of your date, you’re more likely to warm to one another.


Be Respectful


When you’re nervous or you’ve had a few drinks on a date, it’s easy to think before you speak. However, until you know someone intimately, respect their culture and consider whether comments would be deemed inappropriate before making them.
Furthermore, it’s important to realise that some cultures have very clear views on dating and relationships – what might be considered acceptable in one culture, may not be in another. So if your date feels uncomfortable about visiting your apartment or giving you a kiss goodnight, respect their feelings and don’t push your luck.


Embrace Their Culture


Learning about other cultures can be a fascinating experience in its own right, and by embracing a culture you can really get to understand someone from another religion or country. If you’re starting to get close to your new partner, make the effort to discover more about their background. Perhaps you could visit a restaurant that serves their traditional cuisine, or join in the festivities for a special cultural occasion.


This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your own traditions and values, but celebrate what makes your loved one different and you’ll learn to cherish what makes you both unique. They’ll appreciate your efforts and should in turn respect and appreciate your cultural beliefs.


Taking an open-minded approach to dating gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people who broaden your horizons. So don’t let cultural differences become an obstacle to finding your soul mate. Follow these tips to make dating someone from a different culture an exciting and enriching experience, whilst avoiding any awkward blunders along the way!

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