Extreme Dating: Quirky First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas

Think dinner is too cliché? Worried that the cinema will be two hours of eye-watering silence? If you’re starting to tire of a continual stream of eating, drinking and sitting in various comfy places, it may be time to revamp your dating routine.

There’s a wealth of things to do for the dating extremist that are far more original for a first or second date. We’re here to push you in the right direction to an unforgettable day in which wine and roses are strictly forbidden. So without further ado, here are a few quirky first date ideas to inspire you:

The Theme Park

What better way to break the ice than looping around a rollercoaster track? The post-ride adrenaline will loosen you up; their hair will be windswept and thus automatically attractive, and in general you’ll have a blast while getting to know each other properly in the down time between attractions. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and gift shops at your average park to pepper the day with more standard pursuits, and you might even win them a prize from the claw machine.

Dance Class

Make a bold move by inviting your date to a dance lesson – tango, samba, or freestyle hip-hop will give you both a crack at impressing the other, safe in the knowledge that it’s completely okay to mess up. This form of first date isn’t for everyone, but it’s a sure-fire way to discover if your date is a barrel of laughs or a kill-joy who is reluctant to try anything new.

A Well-Chosen Gig

Live music has a propulsive energy that can make you fall in love with just about anyone. Memories are easily etched into our minds when there’s a brilliant soundtrack behind them, so choosing to see a band that you both agree on will catapult you into each other’s arms faster than a thrown drumstick.

The fantasy of meeting the girl or guy of your dreams at a rock show isn’t unachievable if you throw yourself into the mood of the gig, and if you genuinely share a love of the same artist.

Ice Skating

Don’t wait until winter to get your skates on – take your date to a skating rink and beam helplessly when the less experienced of you falls into the other’s grip, holding tightly to your side as the ice and the intimacy coalesce into after-date cuddles. If, miraculously, both of you are skilful at this, prepare to be the envy of simple pedestrians as you cut figures of eight and glide to untold lengths of ardour.

Being original with your first date ideas doesn’t actually take much more than communication. Finding a cool activity is simple when you’re both brainstorming and sharing ideas, which themselves are signs that the chemistry between you can’t be ignored. Ready to blow traditional dating out of the water? Sign up to FreeAndSingle today to get started!

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