First Date Ideas On A Shoestring

cheap first dates

When you step out the door for that very first date, a cocktail of feelings will be swilling inside you. Excitement. Nervousness. Restlessness. But pure, unadulterated panic over money should never be one of them.

A lot of people get needlessly worked up about the cost of a first meet-up, but it’s well worth knowing that you don’t have to splash the cash to dazzle your date.

The real secret to a successful date doesn’t have anything to do with being a spendthrift – it’s all about picking the right spot! To get you inspired, here are a few brilliant first date ideas on a shoestring.

A stroll in the country

If you know your date is fond of the outdoors, accompany them for a soothing stroll in the countryside. It’s a great way to create a romantic atmosphere.

There’re no daunting drink prices staring back at you from a bar menu, and no scary-looking food tabs. It’s just you and your date together, with plenty of time to talk and probe one another.

Homemade brunch

A beautiful brunch doesn’t have to bruise your bank balance. If you’ve got a knack for cooking or the ability to follow a recipe with confidence, you can save a bundle on your very first date by inviting your new friend round for a homemade meal.

There are tonnes of lip-smacking brunch ideas out there on the web. Most of them can be whipped up with ease for half the price of a restaurant dish. Remember, everyone likes someone who can cook….

Gaming and movie marathons 

An indoor date doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, if your partner has casually mentioned their favourite movie or a passion for gaming, you could have a terrific time together by simply sitting in front of the TV with a big bowl of homemade popcorn.

It won’t cost you a penny and you’ll already have brownie points in the bag for remembering their tastes, well before your relationship levels-up! 

Local events

You might be surprised at the wide range of events taking place in your local area – and a lot of them are likely to be free!

Scout the region to see what’s coming up and consider asking your date along to the next ‘happening’, be it a festival, market, or carnival. There’ll be plenty to look at and loads to talk about; often these local events function as the perfect icebreaker.

Hit the museum

Museums are very rarely expensive, but they almost always offer a hugely rewarding time. If you believe your date is something of a culture vulture, it might be worth suggesting a first meet at a museum in the local area. The exhibits will act as a catalyst for insight, guaranteeing a memorable time for a fee you won’t balk at.

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