Free and Single’s Suggestions for 6 Secret Santa Gifts

secret santa gifts for couples, daters and crushes

Here are Six Great Secret Santa gifts to give to a crush, a date or as a stocking filler for your partner;

1. Try a Pedometer for Fit Free and Single‘s as they love new gadgets and gizmos to help out their sporting hobbies.

2. A Hot Rocks Gift Set for Professional Free and Single‘s should help them unwind after a busy day.

3. What about a Micro Remote Control Helicoptor for anyone who still feels like a kid at Christmas?

4. How about Chickens for Young Free and Single‘s who want to change the world?

5. We like Love Lottery Scratch Cards for couples in a relationship…

6. Try this Black Hipflask and a bottle of their favourite tipple for Mature Free and Single‘s.

Dating couple kissing in the snow at Christmas

And Three Secret Santa gifts you should avoid giving to your date;


1. Loo Roll

Who wants to associate their date with the toilet?


2. Pocket Sex Guide

Something that should only ever be bought by a couple, for fun.


3. Chocolate Reindeer

Doesn’t show much thought went into the gift, now, does it?