Genius Date Ideas for September 2013

Check out these fun date ideas to keep your internet dating varied and exciting when you finally meet each other in the flesh!


Celebrate the end of the school holidays by cashing in on the cheaper plane tickets and head to pastures new for your date.


UK – Take the party to Paris by hopping across the Channel to catch a rockabilly concert in the city of love.


USA – Treat your date to a day out over the border and settle in to relax together at this glamorous spa in Toronto.


OZ – Head to Singapore for the weekend and enjoy a mini-break together, sampling the delights of traditional mooncakes.


Think swanky outfits, glittering conversation and exciting new venues to impress your date with.


UK – Don your glad rags and treat your date to a night out in Manchester. Keep your heads in the clouds and enjoy the view (and the cocktails!)


USA – Got milk? Chill out to some new tunes at San Francisco‘s groovy venue.


OZ – Like cabaret? Get to Melbourne’s premier entertainment night and head to the Gangster’s Ball for drinks and fun.


Get cosy and start the wind down into the next season by making the most of what’s around at the moment.


UK – Take advantage of the cooler evenings and pack blankets and beer before heading out to an evening screening of a classic movie in London.


USA – Start moving by attending an open day at a dance school – it’s free, and there is a beer garden out back for when the pirouettes get too much.


OZ – Enjoy a good hot dog? Head round Sydney, any day of the week, and pick up a tasty snack to chow down on as you enjoy chatting with your date.