Great Dating Ideas for June 2013!

1. Explore your local area and soak up some sunshine!

Take your date for a romantic walk in the sun

USA – It’s Miami Romance Month, so head over to the Most Romantic Places listing and find somewhere that suits your date.


OZ – Go out for a brunch to remember in the exciting atmosphere of Fremantle, Perth.


UK – Head to Leeds for the Food Festival at the beginning of the month and chow down on some tasty nosh!


2. Check out an indoors attraction and feel cultural (maybe)

Take your internet date to a cafe to play board games together

USA – Take your date to this new Byzantine exhibition in Houston, for some history and cake afterwards.


OZ – Check out Hobart’s Salamanca Centre for some buzzing arts, markets, crafts and cafes.


UK – Take your date to this intimate theatre in Exeter and enjoy new plays before anyone else.


3. Whisk them away on a surprise holiday!

Cycling internet dating couple on holiday

USA – Zip over to Mexico with your beloved for a funky break at an all-inclusive holiday resort and spa!


OZ – Fly to New Zealand for a mini adventure and go whale watching, winery touring and chill out together under the stars of glow worms!


UK – Pop over to France on a ferry and enjoy a great day out exploring markets, eating delicious foods and trying out the original language of love.