How to Secure a First Date Through Online Dating

Great as it may be to flirt with local singles from the comfort of your sofa, ultimately every online dater wants to secure a date. Otherwise, how are you meant to find out if you really click with that man or woman that you’ve been chatting to online? But moving things on from a flirty conversation online to sitting opposite one another in a restaurant is a step that many of us find hard. So we’re here with some online dating advice, to help you jump that final hurdle…


Engage With Local Singles

You won’t have much luck if you simply message someone out of the blue asking to go on a date. First, you need to strike up conversation. Make sure your online dating profile is up to scratch, then approach one or two singletons that you’d like to get to know better. Spend some time flirting and finding out about each other to see if you click – after all, you don’t want to spend an evening with someone who isn’t worth the time and effort!


Maintain the Momentum


Keeping the interest levels high is essential if you’re going to secure a date from your online dating conversation. It takes two to tango, so make sure you’re doing your bit to maintain the momentum. Flirting is a fun way to keep the conversation fresh and dynamic, but be keen to ask questions and share stories too. The more you build up excitement about one another, the more likely you’ll be to move things on to a first date.


Get the Timing Right

The conversation has been flowing to and fro for half an hour, and it’s clear that you get on well – seize the opportunity to ask him or her out on a date if the timing seems right. Leave it too long, and they might cool off. On the other hand, don’t pounce too early when the other person may still be unsure about how they feel. Timing is key when asking someone out on a date, as you want to be sure that you get the right answer – you only get one chance, so use it wisely!


Be Specific

Although you might want to play it cool, don’t be so relaxed that your encounter never happens. If they have agreed to meet you, have a think of a fun date idea and a few possible times and dates that you can suggest. Give at least two options – not everyone will have the same schedule or routine as you – and be willing to compromise a little if you really want to make it happen.


Know what you want and take the initiative to get it, to make online dating conversations lead to first dates with local singles – and perhaps even a few second, third or fourth dates! Be bold and get the timing right and you’ll soon be dressing up for that exciting first encounter with someone special.

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