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You wouldn’t let someone else choose your house, your car or your clothes…why would you let other people dictate to you when and where you can choose your dates? Sure, the odd blind date here and there is opening up your pool of potential dates, but there is no need to completely depend on other people to set you up.


You Can Do It All Yourself

  • You are perfectly capable of making things happen. If you are stuck in a rut, or bored of your routine, it can be so much simpler than you think to break free and make something new and exciting happen.
  • Know that, even if you feel a little apprehensive about the idea right now, self-esteem and confidence are issues you can work on bit by bit, until you are 100% ready to face the dating world again.
  • Leave memos around the house, on your phone or computer or on your desk to remind yourself of everything you want to achieve and everything you are good at – you’ll soon be well on the way to feeling good about yourself and ready to embrace the idea of dating.

Don't wait for Fate to make you a date! Join Free and Single to find Love!

You wouldn’t sit back and wait for fate to deliver the ideal partner tied up in bows on a silver plate…would you? You have to be active, you have to know what you want and then put yourself in the most likely position to get it.


Put Yourself Out There!

  • Try joining a new club in a subject you are interested in – the¬†likelihood¬†is that you will meet people there who share your interest. If you feel a spark, go for it and ask them out! If not, no worries, you’ve probably gained some new friends.
  • Push your boundaries every day. Start small, by trying out a different coffee shop or sandwich place from usual. Move on to bigger things; like going to a movie alone, trying out a new hairstyle or lipstick, agreeing to a blind date.
  • Make a pact with yourself to go out from your home at least three times a week. You can pop to the library to check your emails, hang out in a local cafe to read, or just go for a walk and give yourself some quiet time to just think about things.


Don’t wait for the world to give you a chance at love – you have to get out there, join Free and Single and make it happen for yourself!


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