Online Dating Advice: How to Give a Winning Compliment

Compliments are funny things, don’t you think? Deep down, everyone secretly craves admiration and attention, so when it comes our way, how come we feel embarrassed, uneasy, and even suspicious? The way in which we give compliments can have a huge influence on how they are taken by the opposite sex. So whilst it may seem like we’re teaching you to suck eggs, take a minute to read this guide to learn the best way to deliver a compliment that seems genuine, original and has the impact you desire.


Make It Unique


Sure, they may have an amazing body or gorgeous eyes, but what else do you like about them? The more original and individual the compliment, the more memorable it will sound. What made them stand out from every other person you saw on the online dating website?


Remember, compliments don’t just have to be about the physical attributes of a person – if you find them witty and love their sense of humour, tell them! The more specific, the bigger the impact, so take some time to think about your compliments before you go dishing them out.


Keep it Clean


You may be picturing her dress on your bedroom floor, but don’t lower the tone by turning a comment about how nice she looks into a sleazy chat up line. Keep it clean in the early stages if you don’t want to scare your date off – not everyone is in it for the action. Besides, if you bide your time they could be thinking just the same thing deep down, so a little patience could go a long way!


Physical compliments can also be tweaked to be more personal and less crude. For example, if he/she has an amazing figure, why not ask if they work out instead of simply commenting on their physique? Not only will this act as a conversation starter, it will also be much easier for them to accept than if you blurt out a remark about their great abs or ass.


Don’t Overdo It

The more you give compliments, the less value each one has. If you’re constantly gushing about a person, that first time you told them they had beautiful eyes or an amazing smile will lose its charm. If you want to be taken as genuine, keep your enthusiasm under control and wait for the perfect moment to deliver that winning compliment.


Giving compliments shows the opposite sex that you’re interested, and that you like them for who they really are. However think before you speak when handing out these valuable comments, and make sure you’re saying them for the right reasons, at the right time. If you do, you’ll notice what a difference they can make to that first date or online dating conversation, and that your partner soon starts sending compliments back in return.

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