Online Dating Advice: How to Revive a Conversation

You were getting on so well at the start of the week – the tension was high, you had everything in common, and the conversation was flowing thick and fast. But suddenly, things have ground to a halt. Online dating can be hard at times, and until you’ve met someone in person it’s essential that you keep the enthusiasm strong for each other and establish regular contact.


But how do you find an excuse to keep talking when things are starting to fizzle out? We’ve got some expert online dating advice to help you revive that conversation.


Ask Open Questions

Not everyone feels comfortable talking about themselves freely and asking questions, so if you want to encourage him or her to keep chatting, make sure you’re wording your questions right. Instead of asking ‘do you like cooking?’ tailor it to ask what they like to cook and why, or what world foods they like. Likewise, don’t just offer yes and no answers when you are asked a question – elaborate and share your passions and you might just find you have a lot in common.


Change the Topic

If one of you has dropped a conversation killer that seems impossible to overcome, leave it a day or two and then act as though nothing ever happened. Spark up the conversation again by sharing a funny story about your day, or asking their opinion on something that’s happening in the news. If they’re still interested in getting to know you, they should be relieved that you’ve taken the initiative to get the ball rolling again.


Tell a White Lie

This one might not come naturally to everyone, but if you’ve had an awkward break in the conversation, try to revive it by apologising and saying you were busy. Perhaps you were making dinner or you’ve had a manic few days – you can then either resume the old conversation or strike up a new one. This only really works if the other person responded last, but it’s a popular way to iron out an awkward silence.


Don’t Force It

Not everyone is meant to be together, and whilst that sexy single may have seemed like the perfect match at first, it may be that you aren’t as well suited as you thought. Don’t try to force the matter if you’ve run out of things to talk about – they might have lost interest if you haven’t already. Instead, focus on chatting with people who have as much to talk about as you do!


When you’re eager to find someone special or set up a first date, there can be a lot of pressure to keep the conversation flowing. But if you act natural, keep the conversation dynamic, and understand that you won’t click with everyone, you’re sure to find someone who you can natter away into the night with.

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