Online Dating Etiquette: 5 Expert Tips

Dating has always had its do’s and don’ts. Everyone has their own opinion on matters such as how long you should wait before contacting your companion after a first date, and when to move on to the next ‘stage’ of the relationship. With the rise of internet dating, a whole new rule book has developed for online dating etiquette. And whilst it’s important not to be restricted too much by what other people think, some of the below tips will help you navigate the waters the online dating scene successfully.


Keep it Clean

Unless you’ve specifically signed up to an online dating site for no strings attached fun, don’t use your online dating account as a free pass to become a player with local singles. It’s fine to suggest that you find the opposite sex attractive, but crude comments will put most people off, and some could be offended.


A Personal Approach

Don’t copy and paste the same message to everyone that tickles your fancy. Trust us, it will be obvious. Even if your opening message is a brief hello, make it personal to the individual. What shared interests do you have, and what do you like about their profile? You’ll notice how many more responses you get when you take the time to be genuine.


Show an Interest

If they do reply to your opening message, remember to keep the conversation a two-way stream. Whilst it’s good to introduce yourself and share your stories, make sure you ask plenty of questions and show an interest in the other person too.


Replying to Messages

Inevitably, we get broken off from our internet dating activity from time to time. But don’t leave him or her hanging for days before you reply to their message. Besides, if you do, someone else might steal their attention and beat you to the first date! On the other hand, don’t bombard them with messages or you’ll appear a little too keen for comfort…


Give and Take

Bagged yourself a date? Congrats! But if you want to make sure that your first date actually happens, be willing to compromise on where and when you’re going to meet, and what you’re going to do. Friday nights might work best for you, but won’t be convenient for everyone. Let him or her have a say in how they want the first date to pan out, and you’ll show that you’re a team player from the start.


Treat others with the same respect that you’d like to receive yourself online and you’re sure to have a positive experience with free online dating. Take the time to get to know individuals who catch your attention, and you’ll soon find someone who appreciates the real you and wants to go out on a date.

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