Top 10 Melbourne Date Restaurants | 7: Osteria La Passione

Osteria La Passione


486 Bridge Road




Good place to take a date:


Passion is the buzzword at this quaint Italian restaurant, making it a suitable setting for Melbourne dating. A small, independent restaurant that changes its menu faster than a chameleon in a washing machine, the focus is fresh, market produce straight to your plate. If you’re the adventurous sort and don’t mind being surprised with whatever the chef fancies presenting in front of you, Osteria La Passion is an exciting option. You’ll feel like you’ve been greeted by an old friend as you’re seated in what looks more like a dining room than a restaurant; the host prides himself on a personal approach to cooking. So much so that you can even bring your favourite wine to accompany your dinner on most days of the week.


Good place to meet for a first date:


Carmine the host will soon make you feel comfortable on that nervous first date. Sitting in the amicable setting of his humble sized restaurant, you’ll feel quite at home as you embark upon the journey of getting to know one another. The express lunch is a safe bet if you aren’t quite sure how successful the meeting might be; plus at only $25 per head for two courses and a glass of vino you might even feel like paying for your date. A sophisticated twist on Italian cuisine, Carmine’s love of organic fresh food is infectious… is that a hint of romance we detect in the pasta? The only downside is that if you’ve happened to find the perfect match who’s palate is particularly fussy, you might have a bit of a nightmare with the get-what-your-given menu selection.


Osteria La Passione

Osteria La Passione


Average age:

Just like your own family, Carmine draws in a community of diners of all ages. From family meals to romantic occasions, his simple but special space is popular with Italian lovers throughout Melbourne. If you want fresh, authentic Italian cuisine, you won’t find more honest and quality cooking than at Osteria La Passion


Time of review:

Osteria La Passion is closed on Mondays and Sundays, then open for dinner throughout the week. With only 35 seats, you’ll find a pretty intimate atmosphere whenever you choose to visit, and a lively ambience during the express lunch service on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

The restaurant is now finally licensed to sell alcohol, though Carmine sticks to his flexible roots and allows BYO Tuesday to Thursday. The express lunch is very reasonable at $25, but the evening prices are considerably steeper at $55 for a 3 course degustation menu, $85 for 6. Nevertheless, you can trust that Carmine knows exactly where every ingredient comes from, with an unwavering control on quality that expresses itself elegantly through his daily hand-crafted menu.


Type of cuisine:

Although you’ll find the standard antipasti and pasta dishes throughout the week, Carmine experiments with Italian cooking with a focus that lies more on the flavours than the boundaries of the cuisine. So if you’re looking for a reliable pizzeria or classic favourites, you might be safer sticking with a chain restaurant. However open yourself up to new experiences and you’ll be sure to have an intriguing Melbourne date.


Final word:

If the words organic, fresh and adventurous turn you on, then Osteria La Passion is has a passionate buzz that is sure to energise your date in Melbourne. Irresistibly intimate with something new to offer on every visit, Carmine speaks the language of love through the medium of sublime Italian cooking.

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