‘Twas the Eve Before Christmas…

Well, it’s a tad early but I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you

A very Merry Christmas from Free and Single!

What are you up to on this fine Christmas Eve?


If you’re already fed up of wrestling the turkey into the shower to defrost it, why not take a time out and work on your online dating profile?


I find big events like Christmas and New Year really focus what it is we feel we want from our prospective partners.


For example, try thinking of questions you would desperately want to know the answer to on a first date and then honestly answer those questions yourself as part of your profile.


I’m thinking more of expanding on the classic ‘In my spare time I like to hang out with friends’ (I mean, who doesn’t?), to a bit more in depth, ‘In my spare time, I love visiting up-and-coming new restaurants with my friends and reviewing them for my foodie blog.’


Finding the family a bit on the annoying side this year?

Has Auntie Lucy asked one too many times when the sound of church bells are going to be a-ringing? Geesh, been there, done that, donated the t-shirt to charity.


Instead of the usual rolling eyes, or sullen silence, or even complaints that you would if you could, try telling her about one of your more recent dates. Even if it was no good – in fact, the worse the better!


Turn your dating experiences into anecdotes and you’ll distract attention away from your single status and feel better into the bargain.


Everyone loves to share and with any bad date karma released from your shoulders, come the New Year you’ll be ready to dive back into that dating pond.


I hope you have a fantastic holiday tomorrow, whatever you end up doing!