What Am I Doing Wrong? Online Dating Mistakes, Explained

Online Dating

There’s no set formula for romance. Sometimes everything comes together just perfectly to create that magical spark. But a lot of the time, it doesn’t. Free online dating is a great way to meet local singles without paying expensive membership fees. However if you’re yet to have success from your online dating profile, you may be wondering what you’re doing wrong.


To help you start making the most of your dating experience, have a look at these online dating mistakes to find out where you need to up your game.


Online Dating Profile

Would you send a message to someone who had a blank profile? Or one that looked like it had been put together on the bus to work? Thought not. You’d make an effort for a blind date, so spend some time sprucing up your online dating profile if you want to catch people’s attention.


Choose a flattering recent picture, fill in your basic information, and when you find time write a short but sweet bio about yourself. It doesn’t need to be your life story, just an introduction that will give potential suitors a flavour of your personality and what you’re hoping to find through online dating. We bet you’ll notice the difference once your profile is complete!

Talking to Someone Online

If you’re receiving first messages, your profile probably isn’t the issue. But a lot can happen in an online dating conversation that can prevent a first date from materialising.


Striking the tone right in an online dating conversation is essential – after all, you don’t know one another yet, so flirty or suggestive messages may come across as a little creepy if you’re not careful. Equally, moaning about your day and life problems will send someone running for the hills. Remember that you’re trying to impress and secure a date, so keep the conversation upbeat, clean and full of momentum.


Asking on a Date


No matter how well you get on, if you leave it too long to arrange a first date, the conversation can quickly fizzle out. Or perhaps one of you dropped a conversation killer that neither of you know how to come back from. If you want to revive a conversation online, FreeAndSingle is here to help. However don’t be shy about asking him or her on a date when the moment seems right. What have you got to lose?


Online dating is a fantastic way to rekindle your love life, especially when you try free dating and save money on membership. But just because you’re not investing any money in your internet dating account doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make an effort either. Invest your time and throw yourself into the dating scene whole-heartedly, and a little effort can go a long way in finding someone special. Have you got any tips to share about your online dating experiences? Comment below and let us know!


Photo Credit: Jared Tarbell

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