What Should I Wear on my Date?

The Dating Expert is in the house, ready to answer your questions about first date etiquette, what to wear and how to combat those nerves!


Dear DE,
I finally got a date sorted for next week, on Friday with a guy I winked at. We’ve been talking online for a few weeks and I’m really excited – but I don’t know what to wear for the date to make a good first impression. I’m 5’4, dark hair and eyes, pale skin. We’re going to a bar first, then onto dinner.


Okay, first off, well done on organizing a date! I could tell in your longer letter that you are pretty nervous, so make sure you feel great before heading off on your date and it will translate. I’d wear a simple dress in a dark jewel colour, cut just above the knee to keep it from swamping your petite frame. Add low heels you are comfy walking in and a sparkly pair of earrings. Have fun!

Wear this jewel toned dress for a date to a bar and dinner to blow him away!


Dear DE,
I’ve been invited to my cousin’s wedding in October. The guest list is large and I don’t know many people going as my cousin and I move in different circles. I’m hoping a few eligible, single men might be at the party and I want to look fab so I can chat to everyone and have a good time instead of hiding in the corner. 


Sounds like a good time to give yourself a little pampering session to make sure you feel on top form when you arrive at this wedding. Stay demure for the ceremony (and warm) by taking along a smart coat and gloves and then reveal your glamorous self at the reception in a sequin dress ready for dancing in! Add a bright lipstick and don’t forget to take some flats – nothing ruins the mood more than painful feet! Try these Foot Fairies.


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