What The Top Dating Sites Do Best, And Why You Should Care

top dating sites

So, you’ve booted up the PC, plonked yourself on the sofa, and are ready to push some love buttons with a dating site. Except… what should you be looking for? Online dating can be many things, but the general thrust of it should meet two needs: convenience and smart match-making. Without them, you’re a fish drowning in a big, muddy pool, getting hooked on the wrong bait and following it to nowhere.

There’s no place for this sub-par experience. Dating sites are conspicuous, but some are better than others – let’s explain what we mean…

Extensive profile categories

The more we know about someone, the easier it is to stir their romantic chemistry with our own interests. Top dating sites are able to give a wide, thorough hit list of everything a user wants to talk about. If they like a specific thing, you can take it for conversational purposes, as an ice-breaker to your search.

Do they smoke? Are they into pets? What’s their perfect first date? You’ll want to investigate these (and other) points of interest before a chat gears up. There’s no point saying how much you hate rock music, for example, if ‘moshing and sweaty air guitar’ is on their list of fave things to do.

VIP features worth paying for

The top dating sites, in most cases, have ascending levels of privilege to climb if you have the cash to spare. For a small monthly sum, you get increased visibility, access to the location of fellow users, and/or a ‘check’ function so you can see who’s read your messages. All of this can go a long way to doubling or tripling your match potential.

However, the lower end of the online dating scale will offer VIP packages that are… well… superfluous, to say the least. They’ll give you tokens for ‘winks’ and ‘super likes’ that don’t really go anywhere to making you more of a hot prospect. Some don’t even allow you to talk to someone before you cough up the cash! That’s especially ludicrous, if you ask us – connection should be free to all.

Anti-scamming protection

It’s the biggest blight of searching for love online, and we’re sick to the back and front teeth of it. Scammers prey on our desire for care, support and physical contact. They’ll shamelessly fool you into sharing credit card info, or divulging things you rather you hadn’t. The top dating sites, whatever their creed, should work to weed them out of their accounts network.

The team behind FreeAndSingle do just that, as it happens. We’re partners with Scamalytics, a digital detection agency that can identify where a scammer is cropping up on our database. Dodgy profiles are put through intense scrutiny, so we can determine if they’re real. Oh yeah – we also check every first message, photo upload and bio line, so there’s the absolute lowest risk of being catfished.

Can you guess that we hit those other two points as well? If so, you’re bang on the money – FreeAndSingle is leading the top dating sites, in many respects, and you should see what the bandwagon’s all about! Sign up for a fab twist to your love life before another, less radiant site whispers in your ear…

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