5 Secrets Behind Dating Body Language

Over the years, we’ve thrown out many juicy scraps of dating advice, feeding your appetite for finding a genuine soul mate. The lion’s share of these have focused on psychology, behaviour, and choices that we consciously make when we’re into someone (or not, as the case may be…).

By holding a mirror to different tastes and predilections, such as these, we hope to get you love muffins cooking nicely in each other’s company. However, let’s not forget the stuff that most of us don’t pick up on. Dating body language reaches back to our primal urges for companionship. This is how it works, and what you should be looking for:

1.  Dilated pupils are hot

Okay, so point Number One – your date’s massive pupils do not mean they’ve taken substances, or are severely crazy. Well, they might be, but only crazy for you. Our pupils expand to take in more light, naturally, and do likewise when we see things we like. One of our physiological triggers is to search for this kind of reaction in the eye.

2. Crossed legs are bad news

This is the most commonly known body language titbit, since it speaks for being comfortable in a lot of circumstances. Crossed legs, arms, and hugging oneself all reek of nervousness or a guarded personality. Dates may start in one place – say, two pairs of crossed arms, gradually unfurling as the night wears on – and end in another. After a few hours, though, you might have failed to hit the mark if they have a ‘tight’ posture.

3. Feet are sexy (sort of?)

No matter what the anti-foot brigade may say, we’ve evolved to notice where someone’s feet are pointing. If it’s at us – kerching! Jackpot! This thought may not properly enter you head, but it’s a bodily statement that your date is focused on you, and you alone. The same goes if they’re facing you full-on, without turning to the side.

4. Men like a lowered head

Turns out the coquettish, bashful under-smile of a woman is no cultural myth. Biologically, this behaviour represents a submissive quality that, whilst actual sexual politics have marched towards equal standing for women, is still present in our recognition of feminine interest. So that tinkling laugh is matched with a lowered head for a reason, along with exposed areas in the neck and wrists.

5. Warm palms are a winner

In lieu of taking your date’s heartrate, you might do well to see if they have a warm palm, should the opportunity arise. When we’re attracted to someone, our hearts go into overtime, pumping more blood around our circulatory system. This heats up the skin surface; cold and clammy hands, on the contrary, indicate that you probably should’ve worn that other shirt, y’know, the one they’d like 

There you go – take great care of this information, because the Free And Single scientists can’t conduct any more experiments! Joking, of course: we’ve just done our research, all in the name of your ongoing, online dating journey.

So when you get to meet that beau of your dreams, do a little analytical thinking (if your head’s on straight), and keep your eyes peeled for these body language secrets to hit the open air. Who knows, you may be luckier than you realise…till then, sign up for a FreeAndSingle account today with one of those uncrossed arms.

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