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When you sign up to online dating, you’ll need to fill out your profile before you can start searching for local singles. Selecting your status from the drop-down forms is easy enough, but the ‘about me’ section is where it gets difficult. This all-important online dating bio will be one of the key things that potential suitors judge you on, so it’s essential that you spend some time getting it right.


But what exactly should you write, and what sets a winning online dating profile out from a poor one? Here are 4 tips to help you write the perfect bio.


  1. Concise and Relevant

    In an effort to convince the world that you are the perfect match for any man or woman, you might get a little carried away with the word count. But few people have the patience to read an overly long ‘about me’ section. Designed to give people an introduction about who you are, what makes you tick, and interesting things about you, it’s important to keep your bio as concise and relevant as possible. If you’re struggling, pick 3 interesting things about yourself and focus on them.


  1. Write With Your Perfect Match in Mind

    When writing your online dating bio, think about what sort of people you are trying to attract. If you’re in it for no strings attached fun, a flirty and sexy bio is bound to attract fellow singletons who are looking for a good time. If you’re looking for a life partner, buzzwords and phrases such as ‘long walks on the beach’ are more likely to attract people looking for a relationship.


  1. Reflect Your Personality


Imagine your online dating bio is the blurb of a book. With countless books to choose from, why would someone choose to read your book, rather than any of the others on the shelf? Inject personality and creativity into your online dating profile and it’s bound to stand out. So don’t just list your interests and key information, try to weave it into an inviting biography that makes the reader want to find out more…


  1. Proofread Your Online Dating Profile

    Poor spelling and grammar is an instant turn-off for some online daters. And although not everyone is quite so fussy, it pays to proofread your bio before you click ‘save’. If you’re not very confident with words, why not ask a friend or relative to check over your profile instead?


Spend some time perfecting your internet dating profile and it will pay dividends, by helping you attract as much interest as possible, from the right kind of people. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your bio, but avoid it turning into an essay or you might put online daters off. Follow these simple rules, and if possible ask for a second opinion, and you’ll soon have an online dating profile that you can be proud of.