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Online Dating Ego Boost

Despite millions of people around the world who have been won over to the beauty of online dating, many remain reluctant to put their profile on the map and give internet dating sites a shot. But why? Cutting out chance and allowing you to choose someone who suits you to a T, it’s a successful way to meet local singles online and have a shot at meeting Mr or Miss Right. Not to mention a fantastic ego boost. Don’t believe us? Well you should.


Pick Yourself Up


If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the water with free online dating, chances are you’re feeling a bit low about love. Maybe you’ve come out of a long-term relationship and you aren’t quite sure about how to get back on the dating scene after so long. Perhaps your partner did the nasty. Or maybe you’re just tired of waiting for cupid to come and sort your destiny out. Whatever the case, by creating an online dating profile you can showcase what you’re made of and take control of your love life.


Like it or not, people are often judged by looks, and whilst internet dating doesn’t eliminate this altogether, the fact that your interests, personality, and bio are amongst the first thing a member sees means that it isn’t just about first impressions. So if you have a go-getter attitude and a winning personality, you have a chance to attract likeminded people who are looking beyond the profile picture.


Make Yourself Shine


If you don’t have faith in yourself, then no one else will. So spending some time and effort into making your dating profile perfect will give you a much higher chance of getting responses. Choose a flattering recent photo, or take a new one especially, and add enthusiasm to your bio to give members a taste of how awesome you are. Even if your confidence is at a low, don’t let this show. Give yourself an inner pep talk and present you at your best, even if you don’t feel it right now.


There is something of an art to creating a perfect online dating profile, and FreeAndSingle has plenty of tips on the blog to help you make yours stand out. But the underlying rule is to strike a balance between telling others about you and engaging their interest, and revealing too much too soon. Keep it short and sweet if you like, and by asking a question at the end you are sure to have them itching to answer and find out more. So you can sit back and let the responses roll in!


If you’re willing to give it a fair chance, then dating sites can be a big ego boost and can even connect you with someone special who is worth your time. Spend a while creating your profile and have confidence in your ability to bag a date. You’ll soon feel a thousands times better about yourself as members start getting in touch!


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free dating versus paid-fof dating sitesIn the first post on this subject, I talked about why freedating sites are different to paid-for (or premium) dating sites, and how they (generally!) cater for two different types of single. In this instalment, I’ll go into what people are looking for when they join a paid-for site, and also why here at FreeAndSingle, we’ve made the bold move of running both.


When someone joins a premium dating site, it’s generally because they’re looking for something they haven’t been able to find on a free dating site like And that “something” is usually other singles who are looking for the same thing…a relationship.


People tend to take things more seriously when they pay for them. With online dating it’s exactly the same. More people upload photos, and complete their profile properly on paid-for sites. More people consider what they write in their first emails to prospective dates. And they do all this because they know they’re dealing with other, more engaged, singles, and because they know it matters!


We’ve taken the unique step of managing both free and premium dating sites. This allows people to try out online dating for free, in a safe, fun environment. While they’re doing this, we’re learning more about them and whether a niche site might be more suited to their needs. Similarly, paid sites aren’t for everybody either. Some people will join our niche sites and never pay, usually because they’re just not ready to date seriously. In which case, they can join and try, and see how that goes for them.




As each of our niche dating sites is completely unique, we usually recommend our members to join the free daitng site,, and in addition, join a couple of the niche sites they think they will be most suited to. Then, get involved with each of them, and see how things go!


As ever, good luck in your search. Stay positive, smile, and enjoy yourself. It’s dating, after all, which should make anyone feel good!

Free Dating vs Paid-for dating sites


free dating versus paid-fof dating sitesAs we run a freedating site as well as premium, niche dating sites, we’re often asked which is the better option to join…a free dating site, or a paid-for dating site where you pay a subscription each month. Here’s our view on the free dating versus paid-for dating discussion.


When PlentyOfFish opened their doors way back when, they predicted the death of the paid-for dating sites like Match and That was 10 years ago, and  do you know what? There was no revolution. There was no death to premium dating sites as promised. Those premium sites are still going strong (in fact they’re going stronger than ever before, and there’s no indication that their popularity is slowing at all).


Then came OKCupid, another free dating site that proclaimed the same Apocalype. But what happened? They ended up getting bought out by, who viewed them as a great new member driver (much to the annoyance of POF!). Now Sam Yagan, the then OK Cupid CEO, is CEO of


So why were POF and OKCupid wrong? Why hasn’t the paid-for dating site gone away? What is happening here that means both freedating sites and paid-for sites can co-exist quite happily.


It’s all about engagement.


Not the “will you marry me” kind, but the “how seriously am I taking this dating stuff” kind.


The reason the free and paid-for sites can co-exist is because they’re serving the needs of two different markets.


People who join a free dating site are by and large trying online dating out for the first time, or are coming back to it after some time away. Generally, they are dipping their toe in the water and, as such, they’re not fully engaged with the online dating process. They’re yet to be convinced that it’s going to work with them.


So, free dating sites are generally made up of people new to the process. People who are taking the whole experience casually, and who aren’t prepared to make any commitment. Understandably.


Then, as these new daters start to decide that maybe online dating is for them, they basically grow out of their free dating site membership. They’re ready to make a commitment to the process, and to the other singles they’re potentially meeting. So they start looking to premium or paid-for dating sites in the hope that they’re going to find other singles equally committed to finding a like-minded partner.


With premium dating sites, because their members are paying to use the service, they’re more committed to finding someone. They’re more engaged…


More on this in our next post.

We say this a lot, but with free online dating, you just can’t say it enough, it seems…


People who spend time on their dating profile, and who upload a good photo of themselves receive more than 20 times the attention of those who don’t.


That is an amazing statistic, but we see it time and time again! The dating singles who do well and who have a great dating experience are the ones who have taken some care about how their profile reflects who they are and (to a lesser extent) the type of person they are looking for.


The “In a nutshell” section on your profile is your chance to let the other members see what a great person you, and why they should spend the time to get to know you better, over and above the thousands of other single men or single women on the site. Saying stuff like “Ask me later” or “Looking for nsa fun” are just going to get removed by our Moderation team, because they don’t help our members find out what kind of a person you really are.


If you find this hard to grasp, imagine it’s like you walking into a bar and announcing yourself to the world like “Hi, I’m Mike, and I like Sex!” The chances of anyone talking to you in there are fairly remote, don’t you think? And you’ll most likely be asked to leave.


Well, it’s exactly the same on FreeAndSingle. There is nothing we cherish more than our valued members and their well-being and success while with us, so we’ll do everything we can to protect them.


As a free dating site member, you’re going to be much better off giving some indication of the type of person you are. What are your hobbies, what things do you like and dislike, and what you’re hoping to get out of being a member of FreeAndSingle.


Imagine it’s a kind of biography in a single paragraph…think about how you would sum yourself up in a few sentences.


It’s hard to do, we know, but we also know that the rewards are well worth it. Your profile will show up more in search results, and you will receive more attention because suddenly you’re someone who’s maybe worth getting to know!


So, whichever free dating site you’re a member of, do yourself a favour right now. Log back in, get yourself a cup of coffee (or whatever your tipple is), and spend just 10 minutes writing something that shows the world just how incredible you are!


Good luck!


The FreeAndSingle Team

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