Celebrity Dating News: Couples On Our Radar This April

Celebrity Dating News

Here we are again, fellow daters – the rundown of the hot, the not, and the oh-so shocked couples in celeb land. Although we’ve been out enjoying the slanting, careful rays of sun where we can, there’ve been a few chances to scuttle back to our screens, re-gluing ourselves to celebrity dating news.

We actually have a totally, 100% ‘pro’ list of mile-high relationships this month; the universe must be titling towards harmony, considering how scant the break-ups were in February and March. So, with much joy in our veins, here are the couples setting April 2017 aflame…

Cooking up some nostalgia

Wow… when someone tells us they’ve been married for the best part of two decades, we have to take our hats off to them, even if they’d prefer it was a chef’s headpiece. Why the culinary language? Well, we’re talking about no other than Jamie Oliver.

He’s been married to his childhood sweetie for 17 years. The beau in question, Jools Oliver, recently shared a photo on Instagram. It depicted a pile of letters, topped with a bow, in a blocky teenage scrawl. Turns out that Jamie used to send her a note every day when they first met, as she had to do a three-month stint in Tokyo, and he was pining for her like mad.

It’s the most adorable thing we’ve seen so far this year. Daters: get rid of your WhatsApp, and return to the scented envelope, the sensual ink of true commitment!

Pamela almost Wikileaked the truth…

Think back to the hardest dating scenarios you’ve had to endure… A long-distance arrangement, perhaps? Or sneaking around under the nose of a strict, bullish father, the kind who’d freak at a stolen kiss?

So factor that memory by approximately 1,000,000 if you want to feel like Pamela Anderson. The rumour mill is buzzing with suggestions that she and Julian Assange, the maverick/potentially criminal Wikileaks founder, are hooking up amidst his confinement at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

That’s right – she’s been snapped delivering his lunch, and gushed about him to a Swedish talk-show. “It is a romantic struggle”, she was recorded as saying. “I love him for this.” Obviously, she’s referring to Assange’s incarceration, but there seems to be a charged undercurrent below her visits. Could be a weird one, folks, if anything comes of it…

No horror show for Aronofsky & Lawrence

There isn’t a single living person who wouldn’t ascribe to the notion of Jennifer Lawrence’s hotness, both as a down-to-earth character and a pinup. After months of ‘maybe, maybe not’, she and auteur director Darren Aronofsky have gone public with their relationship. The man behind Black Swan has also cast her as the lead in a new horror movie, dubbed Mother!

The age gap doesn’t matter. Neither does their low-key exposure; the limelight burns strongly enough for both of them anyway. What remains cool as 50 cucumbers is their respective talent: she is one of the brightest, most flexible stars in Hollywood, and his films defy public decency. That’ll make for an awesome, revved-up piece of entertainment once the movie arrives. Plus, they must be getting on like an arthouse on fire.

Alas, that’s all for now, but before we go, sign up to a FreeAndSingle account if you haven’t already done so. Celebrity dating news is inspiring, but you’re the only person who can bring the stars down to earth in your love life…

Photo Credit: Espen Moe

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